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Clear Skin range - Viridian Nutrition

Ok so its no secret that i was rocked by a major health scare last year and suffered a heart attack. This type of health scare makes you evaluate things even closer then you thought you did, believe me i did as I'm diabetic i watch what i eat plus the nutritional value as i suffer anaemia. I basically have a first aid book on the go, this blog is my passion and outlet to express and also let go of thinking about my health and its failings.  However i think that it is important i do inform you all it can happen at any time and to educate, a change now is the best advice i can pass on and believe me I'm no preacher. I just do not want anyone having to suffer what i did.

Viridian Mission 
Founded in 1999, Viridian Nutrition is committed to three philosophies: purity, environment and charity.
  • PURITY: 100% active ingredients, no nasty additives whatsoever.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Green business practices including organic growing and recycling.
  • CHARITY: Significant charity donation programme supporting children's and environmental charities. £125,000 donated by the end of 2011.
So whilst i know i do suffer with vitamin deficiency which can effect the skin and also other systems in the body i was intrigued to be told about Viridian nutrition. I don't usually listen but i was intrigued as i have cut certain foods from my diet before and noticed a huge change. Like i cannot eat anything acidic as it makes me really quite ill. Odd i know as Vitamin C is a main contributor to fighting infection and keeping bugs at bay, probably why I'm so sick. So i need to find this in the form of another source of intake. This book explains the way they integrate and then the sources plus recipes. 

So when i was kindly sent the "Clear skin cookbook" written by Dale Pinnock. As a medicinal chef he takes from his ingredients the value they hold in improving areas of our body that maybe lacking. Also how i can boost my diet in certain areas i know I'm always deficient and can incorporate this more. Then its not me relying on supplements all the time and if i do need a supplement then my diet is helping it as well. I don't want to take loads of pills but if i do need to, then it wont hurt to boost my diet with minerals and vitamins i lack to make the lethargy and effects less apparent. Im finding this really educational and also my husband (whom is the cook ) is finding this brilliant as he knows he doesn't incorporate enough variety into his protein rich diet.
100% Organic Clear Skin Omega oil 

So i think its well documented around the benefits of certain omega oils with brain function and healthy joints etc. I was all for adding this to my diet as I don't want to repeat how I lack in certain vitamins and minerals. However rather then taking something extra that I honestly don't understand what the packet is saying makes me a little wary. This oil however clearly states it contains Vitamin E and Omeaga oils, which I know help promote in the balance of skin and joint health. So simply by adding this oil to a salad or cooking with it lightly just made it easier and part of our daily routine. We didn't need to substitute any of our diet as we eat healthy freshly prepared food anyways due to my health. My husband just used this oil in replace of our usual oil. Now il admit I will not add oil and butter if I can get away with it, as I find I do not miss it. This was a nice addition to salad with some lemon and pepper, plus with some chabatta bread dipped with balsamic vinegar and the oil. Really enjoyed this and I must say my skin when I had an infection last week would be back to square one, however I'm so happy to say that bar a few minor patches. I haven't broken out in my usual mental massive manor. So this must be balancing something or just the keeping check on what I eat more has helped plus drinking a good amount of water now must be helping my dry skin.

Clear skin Complex Capsules 

So also with the oil there are the capsules in the kit which again are like boosters and I would always stress to seek Drs permission or advice when doing diets or taking supplements to improve health, especially when your like me and have health issues already. So simple capsule to take and do this till you finish the course. They again are supposed to go hand in hand with the oil. Packed with natural ingredients plus it smells very earthy and herbal. Now i wont lie i struggled to take these as i cannot take massive tablets due to my throat being sore from constant medications. So while i cannot take these  as much as i want, they will be taken by my sister in law whom suffers from a skin issue and is a vegan, so does suffer with struggling to get enough nutrients naturally.

I really am impressed with this collection as from my point of view, I have a low immune system and any boosters to improve my skin are welcome to me. Plus being natural and containing Omega and Vitamin E just made the process seem cleaner and not something that would harm your body in any way. The cookbook is a very good and informative read, educating you on the balance of food plus the relationships it holds with good health and maintaining this. I will certainly be learning more from this and trying to vary my diet more then sticking to a stagnant state of the same old dishes each week. Which myself and the husband both funnily said weeks ago would be good to explore more. 
So I'm happy and my skin is responding to this by not breaking down more in times of stress or having as severe attack when my bodies immune system is infected. Also I will say I do still maintain my medical treatment of using emollient and a light steroid when at its worst.

Clear skin collection set
Viridian facebook site

Do you take a supplement or natural remedies to help with conditions ?


  1. Gosh I had no idea about your heart attack hun, eek, I am so glad you came through it though xx


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