Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dior - Paradise Duo Bronzer and Blush

Now I wasn't to sure to show this but I wanted to show my birthday gift from a dear and generous friend as I really think its beautiful and something to be enjoyed. Plus I'm sharing to show you what I love and give thanks to a dear friend and in no way am I doing a show off post.
So I was pretty spoilt for my birthday and I know this (plus thank everyone whom thought of me that day) now il tell you the whole story as it will then make sense. 

As you know I'm housebound and cannot get high end samples as no companies will send them to me, however my good friend goes to a regular Dior events and sees the counter ladies to see new products etc. She is a lovely friend to have and I really do value her greatly.
So I had been saying when I'd seen her lovely bits (I asked to see as I'm a beauty mad lover and enjoy looking at new items) I always said I admired the cute white bag with tissue paper and ribbons.
So she had kindly offered to pick me up a little bag with some samples next time she went to an event. 
Now the week of my birthday a fairly large box arrived and I was confused. So opened and as you can see from the above picture, it was a pretty hearty white Dior bag. On the top inside was a yardage of ribbons and tissue paper with samples. I was over the moon in tears but then as I got deeper I felt a paper package wrapped and square. Plus the bag smelt overwhelmingly of Dior Addict (my friends favourite scent) and i now love it and have a vial of this to use when I'm feeling its a special day to use my makeup.  Utterly confused I carefully opened the paper to see this stare back at me, 

Now I was in hysterical tears of joy and just over whelmed at the kindness of this gift. I'm a simple girl and the white Dior bag and tissue got me in a fizzle so this on top just made me loose my little marbles. Never had I been so surprised. I have had a week of been spoilt rotten by my husband and friends and it meant the world to me. 

Its a stunning Dior product from the limited edition range. It came in a lovely velvet case with a kabuki too again with its own case. Softest kabuki I have felt in my life. I was so grateful and haven't as yet used it as yet as I want to use it for special occasions, its not like I can afford Dior so this holds a very special place in my heart.

Now I thought wow that was amazing but then felt a package again at the bottom of the bag. Opened it and then found 2 addict lipglosses. One in a nude with golden flickers and the second a pinky version with the sparkle. Beautiful. I love them so much and they are amazing lipglosses.

So I have to thank my friend so much for lovely gifts and the samples I received of the BB creams, eye creams and serums. Just made a lovely and special gift that's so close to my heart. So I thank you and I really do value my friends hence this post I wish I could just say a million thank you's to her for this. 


  1. Awwwwww how lovely :') xxxxxxxx

    1. yes you beautiful lady, your lovely and just something to say thank you so much xxx i love you loads xxx

  2. Wow great gift! beautiful colors. I wish my friend knew me this well, she went out and got me the most hideous scarf. I know they say its the thought that counts but that is only applicable if you think lol. Great products :)


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