Thursday, 25 July 2013

Amie - Purifying facial wash

Ok so I recently reviewed the Amie matte moisturiser and loved it, so much its now in my empties bin. So in mentioning this amazing sun but wow does it leave you feeling clogged and dry skinned in the evening and morning after sleep. If your lucky to get some. I might add, I was kindly and I'm so grateful to be asked to review the facial wash. Being a natural company with no addition of parabens, additives and mineral oils. Amie Skincare is great for anyone watching what they use on there skin or of delicate and sensitive skin types.

They say
Created by leading beauty expert and ex-Estée Lauder executive, Fiona Parkhouse, Amie was originally conceived as the ideal skincare solution for her own daughter, Samantha. Samantha was experiencing the extra-oiliness and breakouts of her teenage years but her skin was also very sensitive.  Fiona did not want her to use products that were too harsh or aggressive for her young skin as she felt that these products can cause more problems in the long run than they solve: for example, skin can feel dry and stripped, itchy, sensitised and can also lead to the over-production of oil and more spots, not fewer !
Working with leading dermatologist, Dr Susan Mayou of London Cadogan Clinic, Fiona created an effective natural solution that really works. “natural, non-irritating ingredients are important in skincare” Dr Susan Mayou, leading dermatologist.

96.8% natural ingredients

So the Facial wash comes in the same packaging as all Amie skincare. Lovely pastel pink tube with the well known Amie logo simple flower. It contains 150mls and you do not need alot at all to clean the face and I also use this for my neck area. Its great for my days off with my clarisonic or in duo with it. Very soft facial wash I really enjoy using. With a soap free formula its a creamy wash texture that you can move quite easily and massage as you please into the skin. Now I use this after I use my wipes if I use makeup to just get the residual dirt off. I now and again feel a tiny bit of a sugar which is one of the ingredients. Its not a scrub so literally it is a one in a rare occurrence, you may feel a grain. 

Smells floral but not overwhelming, with mayblossom and elderflower plus an orange blossom and raspberry to tone. The smell stays with you as a lovely base scent. I really like this and don't usually go for floral scents so this is just on the right amount. As you can see the facial wash is thick to start with in consistency, then on addition of water will go very light, easy to massage, easy to use wash. 

I really like this facial wash and think its perfect for anyone wanting natural produce, sensitive skin or anyone needing a light wash when suffering from any form of facial acne or complaint. Also as mayflower and elderflower are natural pore decongestants it should aid in the prevention of spots forming. Also because of the lack of soap you can insure that the skin won't become dried out and stripped of any natural moisture. Just what kind of facial wash you need in this amazing summer heat. 

Amazing part of the Natural Amie skincare range. Thank you Amie skincare.

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