Thursday, 4 July 2013

Elemental goddess' - Water

*****  Illamasqua Liquid metal palette inspirational look week ****
Water Goddess

So after reviewing my Hydra veil i was on a mission as i noticed my liquid metal palette and thought i must do something really amazing with it to show the quality of the colour payoff and also what can be achieved. Now i looked and it immediately sprung to mind to do the elements with the palette. No easy task when your not professional nor have a steady hand due to high dose medication. However whats life with no challenge ?

So i used for this look - 
Illamasqua - Hydra veil primer 
Loreal True Match foundation with Benefit Fake up concealer (hay-fever season - red honker)
MAC sheer pressed powder in NW15 
Physicians formula - Natural mineral blush 
MUA -Brow kit
VIVO Baked bronzer in 01
LA Colours eyeshadow palette in Stargazer (Review coming)
Illamasqua liquid metals palette 
Illamasqua liquid metal in Surge
Loreal - Gel liner in black
Chanel mascara in black 
Urban decay 24/7 pencil liner in - Perversion and electric blue  
MAC - Strobe cream for the silver shimmer effect  

I wish i could have afforded more Illamasqua especially the foundation and more colours and a eyeliner as i would be in my element, but i did the best with what i had to hand. I couldn't buy the foundation as the colour range is so vast it would be impossible unless i bought a white as well to get this when housebound. Doesn't mean i wont stop collecting the colours and metals ;O) 

So as with all my look-books i do my face first and use my new added holy grail item, Illamasqua's Hydra veil, this is an amazing primer and hydrator for dry skin tones and all tones wanting to keep there skin from getting dehydrated in summer. Then came using my trusty Loreal true match foundation which i always come back to when i want good coverage but not a heavy feel. I wanted this to look light as she is a water goddess, plus i gave a light dusting of MAC's sheer pressed powder and physicians formula blush which is very nude and offers just that kissed glow with no shimmer. Then finally added a light brow to the face plus a dust of warm bronzer around the chin area to add some radiance. Then with my Illamasqua surge using my finger (Not a brush as the heat warms it lovely and makes application so much easier then a brush, it will come off patchy on a brush even synthetic) then once that was applied

added the lightest (top left silver) to the first half of the lid from the tear duct out also applying to the inner corner highlight. Then taking a little more surge to go again this time from the middle of the lid to the last quarter (not forgetting to tape under the eye for that sharp line) then move to the lower row of the palette. This time the far right colour on the bottom and pack that from the 2nd quarter to the edge of the eye, don't blend to much at this point as the surge is still quite creamy and once you take a sponge applicator to just marry the top colour (top left) into the crease and patting the connection where the two colours met, there will hardly be any noticing. So then take the 3rd from right colour on the bottom, take a pencil brush and lightly tap in the corner 'V' some of this colour to add some depth to the eye. Don't worry about blending or adding to much as its just to define.

Then using the black Gel liner again line the eye with a flick ending halfway too the eyebrows end ( up to you as depends on how you feel about this much eye liner) then taking the Urban decay liners. Use the vivid blue to line just under the water line and Perversion to do the waterline and top line. Then coat with mascara (My favourites been a Chanel sample i received but any will do and add lashes if you like). So then taking a silver eyeliner i lightly traced a 'S' symbol with water drops coming off this and added my own twist. Then took the blue in the Illamaqua palette to fill in this line drawing and topped it by adding some dots of surge on top to make it pop.

With the lips again i lined them with the Blue in the palette, smudged it a little then filled in with the surge on a tiny brush. 


So what do you think ? Fire is tomorrow so any ideas for what Earth and Wind could include ? 


  1. Love your look, its FAB, The silver really suits you lovely xx

  2. This is such a gorgeous look, I wish I could do makeup like this! I found you on the I love my post bloghop and am now following on Bloglovin' :) Great blog! :) x

  3. Gorgeous makeover! Love it!

    There is a giveaway for a $50 gift voucher for Shabby Apple on my blog at the moment if you're interested. :-)


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