Thursday, 4 July 2013

Smooch Cosmetics - New lipstick releases (Steamy Nights collection)

So once again the wonderful Smooch have sent me a product to trial for them. Coming new collection of lipsticks. The new Steamy nights collection contains some beautiful shades of deep reds with more berry tones, for all us who love to show our lips to there full potential with some bold lipstick and colour. Also some pink morphing reds for those girly days in us where we want to rock some more pink then deep tones. Im so excited that i have already earmarked for my collection additions to purchase as they are stunning. 

Smooch's ethos is 
It all came about whilst getting ready for a celebrity bash. Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were a little like underwear – you have your everyday white, black and nudes, the base or foundation of your lingerie collection. Then there are the items you save for special occasions, the highlighters, the products that outline and define drawing attention to those areas you want to focus on. Be it the lacy bra that offers extra cleavage, the super sheer pants to give you a great bum, or the thong for no vpl.
Kitty wondered “Why can’t we have a cosmetic range that combines the two?” A range of make-up that could be viewed as basic but made one feel special every day. Launched in 2011 Smooch Cosmetics currently create products for Eyes, Face, Lips and Nails. Who needs shades of grey when we have over 50 shades of pink, red, plum, purple…..? At Smooch it’s all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace you’d still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

"The six saucy shades have moisturising qualities and boast long lasting shine." .... They say about Steamy nights and Indeed they do :OD 

I will place the colours released and the link to the colour below. I was sent was Berry kiss. A mix between a deep raspberry red and wine colour, looking quite scary in the tube it is not so and i implore anyone to try something out of there comfort zone plus they are build-able. 

So the Six new shades are -
Berry Kiss - A lovely deep wine/raspberry colour with a hint of sparkle to it without being over the top
Courtesan - The boldest shade of the pack being a deep vibrant purple
Devils Darling - This is a bold bright Crimson 
Flirtini - Bold pink with shimmer and hints of purple 

The 2 not on the site as yet are : 
Racy Lacy - Deep red, new take on the classic red we all know and love (looks to me like a red mixed with a deeper shade of scarlet included, taken to a new blood red level)
Sweetness -  Described as the ultimate cute colour for summer 2013 and to unlock the inner "Sandy" from grease. (Its a red with a mix of a sweet barbie pink hint )

Swatches and colour in the tube 

The lipstick is deeply pigmented but as you can see it transfers to the lips really nicely and not too intense, so can be built upon if you wish to wear this during the day. I think this Berry kiss is a lovely summers day colour when lightly layered. Plus they are not drying and very hydrating formula as were the last lipsticks I've tried from the range. 

Colours on my lips 

I really do want to purchase more from Smooch as i think i could really do some amazing looks with there line and if you are craving for affordable makeup with lovely packaging and chic twist on vintage then Smooch is for you. I adore the packaging with the pink and black lace detailing plus the tubes pattern just translates all the way in the product what Smooch are trying to achieve. 
I will be trying to get some face products and more eyeshadows next week to purchase and review for looks and also to see the quality of facial makeup on offer. This summer collection still has set my pulse racing and I'm over the moon that the quality just keeps getting better and the shades increase. 
Well done Smooch, i will be back for more to review soon. 

Have you tried Smooch ? What do you think ? 

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  1. That is a really fab colour on you, I was expecting it to be much darker like the swatch xx


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