Friday, 5 July 2013

Maybelline - Studio stylish

So now i know i loved the 24 Colour tattoos but in testing I'm finding some must have colours plus not some not so great ones. I received this next product as a gift and i cannot believe i haven't seen these before as they are simple and i think for a quick, easy and travel must have, then this is it. 
I on first glance thought it was a liquid eyeliner.

So the shadow stylist is an all in one product and when i say that, i mean that the product is ready to just apply and blend if you want. I want to say its a dulled down version of a pressed pigment but its a mix of that and an eyeshadow. 

Now when i shake it there is almost like a ball bouncing around in the applicator i can feel which is what is making me think it is a hybrid pressed pigment. The ball is to make sure the applicator does not become clogged and you don't loose the ability to use the rest of the product.

It doesn't fall out as much as i thought it would and is an easy strip of colour, then with a bit of eyeliner, small definition colour in the edge of the crease to just blend it a little, mascara and your good to go. So these are really easy travel products i would have on a quick day where I'm not feeling to do the whole nine yards of makeup.

Im loving maybelline so far this year as the quality of the products are amazing, i cannot wait for the new colour tattoo pigments to come over from the USA plus the amazing amount of products they have which are getting rave reviews. Its a beauty bloggers candy shop so if this is the standard of the pigments to come then we are in for a real treat and may give us girls on a budget a real alternative to mac pigments.

Have you seen these Studio stylish pigments ? 


  1. I nominated you for the liebster award!

  2. Aww wow thank you babes :0)

    Really appreciated xx

  3. Hi, thanks for following me :) Following you on GFC. I haven't see that eye shadow pencil here in Toronto yet...I love the color though it is definitely something I would wear :) It is so nice to meet new bloggers :)

    1. Thanks Erica , I know and now there are colour tattoo pigments coming out so I may see if they are a better version to macs ones and save some money :) xxxxx

  4. So pretty

  5. amazing blog!
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    1. Thanks Victoria , for your lovely comments
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