Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kiss - Nail wraps

So Kiss is a  company known for there Nail wraps and lashes, have kindly asked me to review there nail wraps for them. I had such an amazing experience with there lashes as they were easy to apply and the kit is something i would recommend for girls who are new to applying lashes. So my previous encounters with nail wraps, i found them to be quite annoying with the needing heat to set them and just all seemed too much trouble then just painting my nails.
So how will these hold up ?

This design is like a lace flower and i adore this, you receive  enough to do your nails a few times (18 stripes) , as i found one line cut in half did both hands with some left over for next time. It comes with a nail file included so the whole kit is provided and all you need is some scissors. 

Now it says to use one strip, find the size that fits and then stick and file down. I personally found they were so long and half of one did me enough for 2 nails. As i have to keep my nails quite short being in hospital they are often, nail polish removed. So you just peel off the nail wrap and stick to your own nail. File down and then your done. Wrap the rest up for the next time and also no top coat is needed.

So this is the finished effect on my nails and they look amazing without the need of heat or faffing around, literally stick and go. I did find that i preferred to snip the shape of the wrap then file it down as it would snag and file my nail when I'm trying to grow them more. As i lost a lot of growth with them breaking in hospital but thats my preference and i did file one hand and it worked fine and cut the nail wrap into a perfect shape. Now i did find with water they were fine and didn't come off at all. However in daily tasks and doing things, on reflection i would use a small amount of top coat under the nail and apply when tacky to ensure they don't come away at the top. Just slightly, if they come up a little they wont rip off all the way its just like a little snag in a clothing that needs a bit of maintenance. It didn't last 10 days as stated but i would say the top coat may ensure they do last that long. We will see next time. I love these and even though i had to maintain a little and file a bit more the next day, they gave a quick effect and looked lovely, much quicker then polish and no dry time. So i would buy a few more designs as i like them. 
Oooo ALSO as these have a lace and see through design the top being cut back a little did not show up as much as a consistent design so i think thats why it wasn't as noticeable. 

Have you tried Kiss nail wraps ? 


  1. I tried the avon ones and loved them, so quick and easy to use will defo have to try these out xx


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