Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Selfridges Summer festival beauty box

WOW Selfridges , 2 boxes in the space of two months, you really spoil us as these are quality boxes packed full of amazing products. The summer festival themed one was no different and i love it all. Retailing for £25 with a value of £110. This was quality filled and had something for everyone.

So as per usual coming in the white and yellow box tied with a ribbon, there is always a style and chic to these boxes. It feels like store service to your door and packed in that way so you feel special. 
My only complaint is the delivery cost is a little steep as it doesn't change if you ordered 1 or 2 boxes, so when your talking about them giving you a little back as a thanks by covering delivery. I think thats the least they could do where other companies do, Selfridges maybe need to look at that as it does bump the £25 price up to £30. My one gripe and when I've received £110 worth of products then im not making a huge issue of this.

So the contents were -

Violent lips - Rainbow colours 
Illamasqua liquid metal - Surge
Eyeko - Skinny liquid eyeliner 
Topshop - Lip crayon in powder room
Cowshed - Antibacterial handgel 
Bare-minerals - Moxie lipgloss
Sol de Janeiro - Cooling mist
NPW - Chubby glitter stick in hottest pink
NPW - Face wipes in tutti fruity
ColourSmash - Pink hair shadow
Azature - Nail colour in Champagne

Also a Illamasqua card to receive a free colour consultation 

So as you can see the box is stuffed full with amazing items. There are some kooky items with the glitter chubby stick and the violent lips, but i will use them in some kooky looks. I know i have missed the week of looks as IMATs was last week. However ending up in hospital put a spanner in the works so i was not able to do that. I will be putting this back on track and doing the looks within the next couple of weeks. So back to the box. 

I love that i added to my Illamasqua family with Surge and this will be well loved as i want to branch into more Illamasqua to trial. I feel its my place to go now as its colour rich and explosive to the eye. So i have a vast collection i want to hit pan on and also go on a spending ban till october.
Eyeko eyeliner is again another addition i have as i own the chubby shadow they product and this liner is something i am dying to try. Now i own some violent lips but have not used them as yet as I've not found a look that i can expressively use this for but these rainbow lips are making me think of rainbow bright and a inspired look. So let me know your ideas. The colour-smash i love and yes I'm in my 30s but my hair would always have flashes of pink in it when i was younger. This cream is not permanent so it will wash out and i can use this for looks no problem. Not damage my hair and be expressive to my hearts content. 

Okay so the Chubby glitter stick in hot pink will be fabulous for some looks i have in mind to just add colour in hits with some sparkle plus be amazing for festival lovers everywhere. The Azature polish is amazing and if it comes off this colour and not clear then i will be impressed, as what inspires a glam look more then some nail glitter. The mini hand and face wipes are very purse perfect and i have grabbed these for my bag plus they smell so fruity and lovely. Paired that in hand with having the Cowshed anti-bacterial gel, as I'm one who always needs to have clean space and wipe down surfaces plus take wipes everywhere with me to hospital. I can imagine that at a festival i would take a truck load as its a quick way to clean up a mess.

So overall im so impressed with the quality of this box as i went into some items briefly to show the quality but even the cooling mist for these hot days is a godsend and i seriously am impressed with the huge bottle they provide, also the bare-minerals new Moxie lip product is something as well as the Topshop line I've wanted to try.  You will see these products in looks week shown to there full potential. I can't believe the value.

Did you purchase the Summer box from Selfridges ?


  1. They are quality items x


    1. I agree and I gave up subscriptions in view of these quality boxes being released and far better value xx thanks Hun x

  2. you got good stuff :D

    Invite you to enter
    **Luch Luch Craft x Persunmall International Giveaway**
    Hope you will Join :) it means alot.
    visit my blog ^^

    1. Thank you and this was an impressive second box of the year.
      I will gladly join your blog when I'm on later and enjoy meeting new bloggers xx

      Thank you for visiting mine xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I really want to improve the collection of illamasqua I can use in my looks as the quality is amazing x

  4. My favourite item is the Illamasqua eye shadow, I got my box delivered free to store via their Click & Collect service :)


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