Sunday, 7 July 2013

Elemental goddess - Fire

So in keeping with the elemental series of goddess' I'm doing the next one shall be - Fire.

Now this was tricky as I didn't want to do the standard red and yellow cartoony flames. I wanted to add something different with the addition of sooty colours to symbolise the ash and also take the forehead to a "V" where flames would start and then go back towards the hair. Now I'm aware It would have looked so much better if I'd had contacts or a form of head-piece. I'm no makeup artist and this is just me using my body as an art canvas. My therapy. 

So what I used (If a grid of products i used would help please comment as id happily add this) ;
Elemis - Pro- radiance illuminating balm ( just for under the eyes to brighten)
Illamasqua - hydra veil primer 
Benefit Fake up (01) and Paula's choice concealer in light to cover the redness from hay fever season.
Kay hart mineral -  Yellow concealer
Mix of MAC (NW15 studio sculpt) plus Loreal true match foundation 
Physicians formula - youth wear powder in translucent 
Sleek blush - Pomegranate
Sigma golden highlight - resort palette 
Maybelline colour tattoo - Metallic pomegranate 
La Colours palette - Stargazer (reds,golds and bronze colours used)
Vivo single eyeshadow - like 24ct Black and gold mineral colour
Loreal Gel liner - Black
Illamasqua liquid metal- red & gold
Urban decay kohl -Perversion
Lush liquid lipstick - Desire (red) 
So first of all moisturise with the Elemis illuminating balm and also I used this to add some brightness to my eye area as il be using quite bold ash colours. Then the illamasqua Hydra veil to prime my face fully, once dry then take benefits fake up to the under eye and Paula's choice light concealer to the nose to cover redness from seasonal hay fever. Set this with either a mineral loose clear powder or in my case Kay hart yellow mineral concealer to set this into place. This is the best mineral concealer I've used and its very light plus doesn't clog.
Then using a mix of Studio sculpt and True match blended in on the back of my hand to warm, apply evenly. Rubbing in with fingers and adding another layer if needed. I find mixing these two makes a full coverage foundation so one layer is enough. Then set when dry with the Youth wear powder as it has a flick of a highlighting property with shimmer. Not a lot but enough to make the face illuminate without needing to add more powders then needed. Take the sleek blush and apply a good layer stippling this colour in and working that so the lines aren't harsh and the colour is also taken up towards the ear.

So then we take the maybelinne colour tattoo and paint the eye with this taking it past the just past the crease. Then using the vivo single shadow, pack that onto the outer "V" blending towards the middle. Don't take it past the crease as you want some of the colour tattoo to still show. Then taking the La colours (top bronze and gold to the right) take the gold to highlight the tear duct and also bring this colour to meet the middle in strokes (feathering effect to break up bulk colour and help give dimension) , as you want to use the bronze too in the same way with some of the dark pomegranate still visible. 

Line the eye with the red colour from the illamasqua palette and the gold to line the bottom lash line. Then taking the black gel liner do the wing and run this line above the red on the top lash line running this to a point in the middle. Use the gold to take the line from the bottom to above the black wing and again run this to a tip at the end. The black liner should also run a little at the edge of the lower lash liner to a point at the waterline. Line the waterline with Perversion. It should be an effect where the Gold, black and red are inter-twining.

Then for lips take the perversion and lightly line the lip (sterilise the pencil after after) then using a lip brush blend this in and add some of the red and gold from the illamasqua palettes to blend with, use some lush liquid red lipstick to just ombré the middle section (Make it look like drips so the lips are fiery and like a lump of coal thats red inside but black around it). Use some concealer on a brush to tidy and make the lip edges sharper. My hair line was some of the vivo 24ct colour stippled with the pomegranate sleek blush, then take the gold and red illamasqua on to a fine nail art brush and fan in some lines for flames also towards the sides, take lush' red liquid lipstick and dab some on so it then fades into the brow line.  Now I used some vivo to stipple the sides above the blush to give the feeling of ashes and also ran some gold threw my brow-line. Then just tap in some Sigma golden highlight to give the illusion of the yellow flame through the brows and in the areas most prominent and your done. 

Hope you enjoyed this look xxxx earth or wind next ?? 


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  2. Do one thing everyday that scares you.


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