Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer essentials

So summer is finally here (touch-wood) and whilst i spent last week hooked to a drip i had my essentials in my bag with me and well i will show you what i will be taking with my in hospital during my surgery. As while yes i wont be doing makeup as i know i wont have hands free to hold a brush or rub in foundation i will have essentials with me. 
So my makeup babies will have to stay home without me :O( 

So my first essential is my personal made bag that i adore and she comes with me everywhere now.
She is always packed with my iPhone, cosmetic bag with girls essentials, clothes and just boredom killers. In my case thats books, puzzles and iPhone check-ins with Facebook and twitter. 

Second essentials for summer are defiantly books, lip-balm and colour .
I love to read historical books, lip balms as i get such dry lips and colour of summer just makes everyone so happy and the moods lifted so high. The heat might not be for everyone but just enjoy with what ever you can and family BBQ's where possible.  

Summer calls for a bit of colour to my iphone 4s so i jazzed them up with these bird cute earphones for when I'm out and cannot wear earrings. These certainly make a talking point when I'm on my way to my appointments.

So enjoy the summer everyone and the beauty of London. 


  1. Well im doing ur makeup when I visit u at the hospital :D

  2. Love your bag xx


    1. Thanks Hun , I know she is so talented is jackie and love how summery il look going in for my op xx


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