Thursday, 18 July 2013

Vivo cosmetics

So there is no surprise that its budget July. I love my cosmetics so much that I go a tad crazy and yes I know its 50% at the minute so I'm trying to be good but nope I can't stay away.  I was kindly sent some products to review by Vivo and oddly my friend had sent me 3 she saw in Tesco ,she thought I would like so I was over the moon. I really think I've stumbled onto a new favourite brand. Plus affordable and high quality. 

So I was really kindly sent these products and I'm so impressed that I really am wondering why do I crave high end so much ? Yes high end packaging will suck you in but really with even myself budgeting, why not have one treat and get a few items of quality from vivo. The Baked blush is lovely in a cinnamon glow with hints of peachy pink and golden tones. I love that you can use these blushes to give a light hint of glow or built to a real standout colour.  Lovely for the summer and a natural look. Pigment is fantastic and offers a lovely alternative to Skin-finish. Im defiantly going to be getting all of these when they are back in stock.

Then the "Show me the money palette" wow, pigmented and applies buttery with little fallout. They are online for £1.99 at the minute and i would purchase them all and now I'm kicking myself i didn't get the enchanted when i ordered the Artist palette. As the looks you can create with such pigmented and lovely colours is wonderful, they are shimmery but blend well together, the quick look i did below was simply using the pinks of the palette.Yet they merge into a beautiful look. Brilliant for any budget. 
I was sent there bronzer in Golden days. Firstly "OMG how big is this bronzer?" Perfect for holiday to use as a body bronzer but also to give that healthy glow you wish to have. I would also use this to give any if my powder products a bit of a lift, if I wanted to make a matte product have a little sparkle then a touch of this would help give a little definition. Its well worth the £4 price tag and its 50% off at the minute. 

Defiantly a product that can be built upon but so big I wouldn't carry this in my purse. However the baked bronzers are and offer just as much pigment, plus I have heard them being compared to skin finish by mac and honestly they are soft, give a great colour finish and look amazing. I would buy these now as they give the same effect. I'm now thinking save your money tara, buy vivo which is just as good, offers a great range of colour and feels good on the skin too. 

Look i created with the show me the money palette

Now my friend sent me a bronzer, blush and eyeshadow. Which have been her favourites and then another friend said try the duo blush and highlight as she had said these were her monthly favourites. So I saw the pigment in the eyeshadow and was over whelmed by how beautiful it was. This just screamed look-book to me.  So with the bronzer and blush swatches I had been wanting to use my collection. When my Artist palette arrives i will be doing more of a look as it has facial powder inside as well as a more neutral base of colour i would use. So we will be seeing more of Vivo over the month of July. Below is the sun kiss baked bronzer she sent me. 

If your on a tight budget or you want to save up but need a monthly fix of some makeup like me then take a look at Vivo. You won't be disappointed. Im actually kicking myself that i didn't order more then the artist palette as i should have ordered the eyeliners and other palettes to do looks with. However deals always come around and i will be grabbing the facial products next time. 
However for now if you haven't picked up anything in the 50% sale ... what are you waiting for ?


  1. ah I really wish VIVO would be stocked in my local Tesco! Or any Tesco I have access to in that matter! x


    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

    1. Hey sweetie the sale is online to babes xx


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