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BeautyUK - New posh palette in festival, Jumbo pencil,Baked blush review

 I was kindly given the opportunity to review for BeautyUK. So when I saw the new line of "Posh palette's" just released, I was impressed. This season screaming neon from the get go with 70's inspired, so bright colourful looks here I come, let's hope they pop like they should. Also included to review was the stunning box blush in Halo and another jumbo pencil in Black/White this time.

More about BeautyUK...... 
We’re here because we believe make-up should be fun! We’re passionate about fashion, creating quality, affordable cosmetics designed to fire the creative spirit. Our customers aspire to recreate the catwalk look, from the clothes they wear and the way they accessorise, to the make-up they use. Our range of cosmetics provides them with the tools they need to stay on trend in the ever changing fashion world. Through innovation and creative development, we give our customers exciting products that spark their imagination and make enhancing their signature style easy. A beautyuk woman finds and defines her own individuality through fashion. She is confident and loves experimenting with new colours and shades to compliment her look.
A beautyuk woman makes her own statement.
BeautyUK products

 The palette is callled "festival" which is apt considering the bold colour and we are indeed in festival season. So if you are looking for something different with bold and noticeable colour, this is the palette for you. The eyeshadows are easy to blend, then they merge to form lovely colour variants. As you can see the swatches are vibrant without a primer underneath, as I had an interesting theory i wanted to test. So again amazing pigmentation and colour payoff, with no chalkiness or fallout. When you go to pack this on, it stays and is buttery plus amazing formula for an affordable brand. I'm so impressed by the standard that I've made my resolution . As I'm on a spending ban, i will buy one/two items I don't own till the bans over. Then have the BeautyUK line as the start to my directory of brands. In my list of pages (at the side) will be a trusted brands, lookbook and holy grail to link posts of products I use and recommend. Il explain more in another post this week. 

Posh palette in Festival 

Now we come to another addition to the BeautyUK family. Says new on the website and this has now just made me crave her 3 pretty fellow boxed blushes. I would say this is more a highlight as I hope you can see from the swatch. It's a creamy, rose gold highlight, I've been in the hunt for a rose gold highlight like this for ages, I think this has just swayed me to purchase all of BeautyUK's blush line.  It's a creamy looking dome with gold veins that come together so easy with the swirl of your brush or even finger (sanitised). I found my finger helps more with application to my Cupid's bow, the bridge of my nose then lightly blend it with a small brush. Then stipple to the top of my cheekbones. This boxed blush I did use as a highlight as was too much of a champagne colour to use as a blush. So with the box and brush blushes i had already , I used a tiny dust of these and blended them all together to give a warm rosy glow. 

Baked blush in Halo 

As you may know when I used BeautyUK before I was blown away by the quality and standard of the products. If you want to see the Glitz palette review, Blush and brush plus Jumbo pencil in touquoise/black then click here. As these also were used in the look. I enjoy using these products in my look posts.

Jumbo Eye pencil in Black/White

Now with the Jumbo pencils, I loved the Black/Turqoise one so much it was in a lot of my looks last month. The black is deep in colour and multi-functional as a liner for the lid and the waterline. They are thick and I tend to use them more under the eye, then touch up to a thinner line using a damp cotton bud. Or the turquoise I would just use this, blend a little ok my lid then use the black to line and smoke this out for a quick on the go look. So when I saw that the Black/White was available It struck me as to if this would be a more accessible white base then a certain "YouTube" favourite and also comes with the black , making this the most travel friendly product. 
So I covered my eye in the white and dabbed it in to the lid, it does have a slight tacky feel so I really believe this is why the shadow stuck so well to prevent fallout, yet oddly this tacky brilliance did not hinder my blending at all. Usually I would need to wait ages before I blended . So yes it's so affordable plus i believe this would work amazing with pigment. 
BeautyUK your a genius as this is an excellent more cost effective item I will repurchase. Please bring more pastel colours out as they are brilliant. 

My finished look and products used

This time I was thinking summer and sunsets, So did a theme of the sunset colours using the yellow in the inner corner by my tear duct, then packing the orange on the lid and blending this up toward the crease plus using the eyes natural "V" on the outter part of the eye as a guide.
 Then taking the the bright pink in the top right, which reminded me of the pinky dawn colour,packed that into the centre to then blend. I took a tiny bit of the sea blue to add some definition. Then went over the middle with the same pink to make it be bold. (If there are smudges visible, it will be explained in a upcoming review of a new eyeliner). *Not a BeautyUK liner I must add*

So cleaned up I then took some of the orange to lightly blend in to the pink, the blue was very subtle. Even in the pictures there are some very shimmery shades, these do not fallout as much as I had assumed and stayed put. This whole look is beautyUK (bar a light BB cream, dust of powder and light dab of lip butter in "Lollipop"). I used the other products as well - like I said both the blushes I reviewed before and the turquoise under the cat flick eyeliner.

I'm again so impressed and doing these reviews just makes me want to do more and more looks. The colours are vibrant and blendable, they don't fallout as much as I had thought seeing the sparkle plus the boxed blush in halo it has to be said just blew me away. I'm in love with this and will purchase more as I would love make a BeautyUK drawer and use this as my daily plus artistic makeup with these amazing bold colours. 

If you see any BeautyUK or are thinking of purchasing them, I will be doing a lot more looks and reviews on this amazing UK brand. 

So stay tuned.

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  1. Ooo I didn't know beautyuk had new products, I'm gonna have to go try some out! Especially the blush in halo, that looks a-mazing!



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