Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Elemis - New: Skin nourishing body scrub

So no secret that Elemis is a brand I love and trust with my skin. They have just released 2 new scrubs and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review one of them. The Skin nourishing body scrub is enriched with natural exfoliators and just what you need if your adding that tan or suffering with dry skin from the heat. 

They say ..... 
Rich and creamy for super skin nourishment!
This luxurious creamy body scrub contains natural exfoliators of rice, bamboo and bora bora sand to gently polish the skin, whilst sweet almond, macadamia, and wheat germ oils nourish and condition. An exquisite milk protein base rich in vitamins is combined with organic oat extract to help leave skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

Directions: Use 2 to 3 times a week to reveal smooth and healthy skin.Spa Tip: Works wonders to prep skin for self-tan application to ensure an even, bronzed glow. And for happy soles, pay special attention to your feet so they are smooth and healthy to show off your pedicure with confidence.
Key Benefits:

Gently polishes: A blend of small natural exfoliators - rice, bora bora sand, bamboo, apricot and cherry powder - gives a gentle polishing action for maximum results. Balances: Rich in concentrated milk protein this creamy body scrub helps balance the acid mantle. 
Nourishes: Formulated with a blend of sweet almond, macadamia and wheat germ oil to soften and nourish excessively dry skin. 
It comes in a blue squeeze container and the other scrub is contained in a jar. This scrub I'm trailing is easy to dispense and I love all the Elemis packaging for being very classy with the logo and also there products don't let me down ever in quality. It contains a mixture of natural exfoliators which i personally love, as almonds are my favourite smell in a product with vanilla. As you can see in the picture and the miniature scrub beads within it. Then with water added what its then transforms into a creamy wash. It says sand but as you will see below it is minimal and not enough to cut or damage the skin like some harsh scrubs can, this is aimed at people needing a gentle formula to treat areas, sensitive like the feet and all over in preparation for false tan. 

Elemis - Skin nourishing body scrub 

This is not a harsh scrub, its natural and contains a lovely scent of scrub without being to abrasive or uncomfortable. Its perfect if you want a scrub that exfoliates but with a lighter touch. It spreads further and you don't need a lot to clean with and its not overloaded with the husk so you don't have to worry about your drains clogging. As I know some exfoliates and bath salt can cause problems. This dissolves to nothing and minute is left behind to wash away. 

Again I'm happy and amazed this scrub is keeping the Elemis brand so strong and moving with the years, bringing new products to the fold which they can be proud of. Its again another I would repurchase. The natural ingredients mean the scent is natural and fresh smelling, I prefer and love that the ingredients properties ensure that it will take off dead skin but also moisturise and not strip the skins natural oils and defences.
I can't wait to try the frangipani one which is a salt based scrub and can be a little more abrasive to those whose skin needs a little more help, also with all these looks the new Makeup remover is a definite must try for the makeup I use and using more natural appeals to me more. I don't think my love of Elemis will ever dampen and honestly it's a brand that I turn to when my skins just let loose to its worst. So I cannot wait to try the other new products and let you know how they perform. 

Again thank you Elemis. 

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