Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sigma - Resort palette

Sigma is a brand well known for its brushes and until now I've known of a few palettes and the eyeshadows being released. I even had my eye one the Paris palette they released which was a collaboration with beauty bloggers. Plus a new one in collaboration with TiffianyD, however i love this  Resort palette as it just screams Summer to you.

They say :

The Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Resort Palette contains a collection of high-quality and pigmented makeup products including eight eye shadows, one blush, one liquid highlighter and one dual-ended eye liner pencil. Rich, warm tones complement vibrant ocean-like hues in this unique palette ideal for creating your own oasis.

However the one palette I've heard of and seen many reviews via YouTube on is the resort palette. With its 8 beautiful eyeshadows, Heavenly blusher, tube if liquid gold highlight and duel ended eyepencil this was a real bargain of a palette. I do wish that it came wrapped like it was in America with the flower garland and reall holiday feeling.  I was just extremely happy to be able to purchase this in the UK on cloud 10 beauty website. 

So as you can see the colours of the palette are very summery and give the tropical feeling especially with Midori and Papaya. I cannot wait to do lookbook with this and feeling that this palette will be the one I use for my earth goddess look. 

Now I used the gold already with my fire goddess as the highlight and this works really well that I needed very little plus its just beautiful as you can see in the swatch above. 
The duel ended pencil is of excellent quality being pigmented and also very soft butter consistency. 

Going in order left to right as on the palette plus Midori is on the bottom right next to the Heavenly blush (Sorry ran out of room as so pigmented)

More up close in depth look

I love this palette as the quality I know is always raved about sigma brushes, however I do think the quality of the palettes are improving. This offered so much quality with the highlight, duel ended pencil plus blush to included. Its a whole travel palette made for holiday and I love it.
The swatches show the pigmentation and I will be keeping my eye out for further releases via Cloud10 beauty online. Also offer a loyalty scheme if you purchase and collect towards items. I'm hoping to save towards my first Sigma brush set. This was limited edition and apologies it took so long to release the review. 

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  1. Those shadows are nice, I am planning on getting some of the kabukki brushes soon


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