Thursday, 22 August 2013

Benefit - New Stay Flawless 15hr Primer

Now it seems I've had a few benefit items this month and that's the beauty of blog sales. So I bought this with the Oxygen foundation and they were barely used. 

They say 

Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!
94% said it helps foundation last longer
97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion
94% said it increased foundation coverage
97% said it enhanced foundation’s performance

So I've heard so many mixed reviews on this item, it really is something I would encourage you visit a store have trial of or require a sample and then decide.  It reminded me of a prit stick and honestly I watched every video on how to apply, tried my numerous foundations etc and it always ended up the same.  Just streaks of thick glue stick texture and felt like I was giving my face a latex layer. It didn't blend with any foundation like it should have and I used my fingers as I thought maybe the warmth will disperse the product. Making it easier to blend together and apply. However this was not to be and it was just streaky and didn't blend plus then when I wanted to set my foundation I use a press puff as I didn't want to ruin a good brush. The powder then ended up uneven and and more heavy in the areas that had the streaks of Primer. 

I did not understand why it's so hard and it drags on the skin and gives no way to manoeuvre your foundation. I really think if this formula was more of a cream or gel based primer then it would sit and blend better. It seems very gimmicky and I'm all for innovation but this is a expensive product being marketed.  I passed this onto my sister to use on her holiday and I want to see what she thinks of this works on her skin as she is a normal/oily combo where as I'm a normal/dry so I think the dragging and dry formula did not help my skin.

So il additionally add her comments to this blog when she returns.

What's your impression been of the new Benefit Primer ? 


  1. I agree with the "dragging" effect - I had a mini makeover at Benefit a few days before this was officially released in Trafford Centre, Manchester and although it seems like a good product - the way it dragged on my skin when the girls were applying it on me put me off purchasing it as I seemed to visualise very premature wrinkles on me, as I'm not even 20 years old! x

    The Best Lipstick for A/W 2013!

    1. Agree for a product that expensive and it dragged that i could not in any shape or form blend anything. It was just not worth the money and i dont think dry skin should approach this at all. Im sticking to my Hydra Veil lol

      Wrinkles omg !!

  2. Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

    1. thank you so much x
      I would love to follow your blog, i love to see others contributions and writing xx :OD x


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