Tuesday, 27 August 2013

HealGel - Intensive (Smooth, Repair and protect)

I first heard about HealGel from the Pixiwoo sisters whom used it in the winter when there skin was dry. Which is what happens to me, so I was so happy to get a chance to review HealGel. 

About HealGel -
The HealGel skin care range was created by a team of the world’s finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons, with the help of a renowned dermatological biochemist and a well-known actor, to provide genuinely effective treatments for all skin types 
HealGel is an aqueous gel, bringing together in one formula the best active ingredients to soothe, repair and protect your skin.  The advanced skin rescue formula was designed by a team of the world's leading plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatological biochemist.  They pooled their cutting edge research to provide peerless base-layer treatment for all skin types. It is cleverly designed; the nano-technological elements (liposomes containing the key ingredients) deliver predictably to the depth of the skin where they are needed most. It is easy to use, being light, non-greasy and delicately fragranced.  It provides a perfect primer for any make-up applied, and you only need to use it sparingly.
HealGel.  Impeccable pedigree, remarkable results.

Its non greasy gel and absorbs very easily, so use this sparingly it will spread really well onto the skin surface.
Plus it's cooling to use in these hot summer days, most creams are too heavy and just leave you melting. HealGel intensive is perfect for these hot days.

So as you can see the Gel above and whats it looks like. It has a slight scent of lavender but nothing you will notice after its dried in. I exfoliate each night between my clarisonic, or a gentle face wash exfoliate. 

So this is very nice after that exoliation and feels refreshing also. It's says apply 2-3 times a day and I would moisturise that amount on a days where its hotter or during the winter too. This review I have done the morning and night routine. As that's when mostly all women would do skincare routines. 

I must say this kept my cheeks pert (it has a slight tightening feeling on application),defiantly very hydrating against the dry areas, which I no longer have. My T-zone also goes a bit dry in summer season, this has kept me amazingly at a normal skin type.(However I still use normal/dry skin aimed items)
 This is going to be a must have for me in winter when I hydrate before applying primer, then at night time when I'm moisturising. 

You maybe thinking its only 30mls and alot for skincare. You need 2 plumps to do your face, so it will last you a great length of time length of time. 
It's shocked me having seen what this product can do and has taken me quite by surprise. This is a lovely and product I would purchase again. Especially for winter as I struggle to cover my dry areas, so hopefully HealGel will improve and hydrate my skin enough so my makeup's not as heavy come winter.

Thank you HealGel and I'm extremely impressed.

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  1. Oooh this is worth a try - always have tired feet!

    love your blog hun - now following on GFC & Bloglovin, would love for you to check mine out :)

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