Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lass foot cream - plus new lypsso layout

This foot cream is from Lass which is a natural brand I've not heard of and was very willing to trial for
They say
Lass Foot Care Cream is an effective moisturizer that maintains the health of your feet by treating dry, chapped and cracked heels. It softens, soothes and protects your skin from getting rough and damaged. The herbs in it freshen the skin and does not harm even when used regularly.

- Balanced formula of this cream softens the skin and heals cracked heels and chapped areas of the feet giving your feet a natural moisturizing and conditioning effect.
- Authentic Ayurveda. Natural Product. No Animal Testing. Affordable priced and honestly marketed.

 It is a thick cream with a scent like floral but a mix of fruity scent mixed. Its not unpleasant but I wouldn't be able to use a over-scented product. I found it to absorb really well and also found the properties of this foot cream to help my dry skin (don't worry, I hate feet so no foot shots).
I tend to crack at the heels and with this is does moisturise and keep that to a minimum. So that's left me impressed. I applied this in the evening. As its best to shower and use a Pumic to remove the majority of the dead skin if its that bad. Then massage this in and it will absorb and penetrate into the skin overnight. This is best as if you applied in the morning your feet cannot breathe and make the skin very thin skinned and prone to soreness. Just a tip. So loved this all natural product that soaks in, smells amazing and my only minor niggle is the packaging could be improved and bought into a more modern logo and layout. However like I say if the product works then then you can decant into a pot you love into ur bathroom. Don't let packaging sway you as you may miss a diamond holy grail item.

If you would like to try the Lass foot cream or any other products, just click the purple box below and it will take you straight there.'


 I also want to bring up the topic of a website called lypsso. Its probably not a name unfamiliar with in the blogging world but I wanted to bring to the attention of everyone this fabulous site. Its just been its updated and also now has a YouTube website. Also to offer insight into how and best use of the site. It offers some fantastic information. 

There ethos is 

Lypsso is the first non-biased meeting point for beauty users, professionals and companies to exchange ideas and information about beauty salons, treatments and services, natural and organic beauty products and professional beauty equipment. 
Our mission is to be the first point of reference for all beauty sector stakeholders, including beauty users (those of us who visit beauty and hair salons or use beauty products), professionals (from an independent beauty freelancer or salon owner  to a large branded salon chain), beauty journalists (from bloggers to columnists) and beauty companies (including beauty product and professional beauty equipment manufacturers).
 We want Lypsso to be at the forefront of the beauty industry, enabling a free and safe forum for beauty related discussions that connects all beauty stakeholders with each other and helps beauty stakeholders find solutions that meet their needs.
Lypsso offers an all in one area for professionals and also consumers to check products via reviews like this one, new companies with natural product available plus within your local area a whole list of professionals. Also it will have a link to go buy natural products from a review you have seen and may offer a discount. So its worth checking out first as natural brands are hard to come by.
So if your a beauty blogger, professional or just interested in finding beauty and salons that offer quality and natural, pop on over and see the new and improved

*Im not being paid for this review, all that I received was the deluxe sample to review. I was aware of the changes at lypsso and wanted to share them incase you need a "beauty pages" as I call them. 

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