Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fashionista - Foundation, Compact, Kohl and Lipstick

Fashionista a brand affordable and now in twined with MUA to give the biggest range of makeup on one site with so many options to purchase.  It was during the sale I bought some essentials to try and see if the quality was as good as what I expected. It's a little more expensive then MUA but it does show a bit more of a polished packaging.

As you can see the foundation, compact powder, eyeliner and lipstick are of a more classy packaging with a hint of red and just simple look. I especially love the compacts look with the black swivel case and fashionista reflecting logo and massive mirror. 

So with the foundation it is a luminous of nature to give a lovely glow to the skin and does need a primer if you are of a dry skin like me. However this does not cling to dry patches like I expected it too but offers a medium coverage. It's easy to blend and also it does build up, I used it to conceal a little more of my problem areas. However this is not a foundation I could use when my skin is at its driest in winter. 

The powder is a lovely creamy and fine milled powder that comes with a soft and lovely puff like the loose kinds. However I do prefer to buff in my powders with my kabuki brush to make sure all is blended in and also to buff in my blush,bronze. To ensure that there is no lines or unnatural looking cakey look to my makeup. I'm not as young as I was.  I need the powder as a second layer to cover all the blemishes I have. 

Now with the white kohl I wished to use this as a multi use item in my collection. I would use this to blend a little on my eye lid to make my bright shadows pop in colour. The white underneath is a well known way in which to make the shadows show on the lid more and give a better base, also shade a small amount in the tearduct to brighten the eye. Also the white in the waterline will make the eye brighter. Just a few tricks I use and I think this creamy liner fashionista made will serve as a welcome addition to do all these tasks.

If you did not wish this but wanted a smokey look, then a more beige colour to cover veins and discolouring to aid this look. In this you could find a primer of beige colour, which would be easier to apply. 

Then finally the lipstick which was the most surprising of the selection of products I purchased and I will be again when another sale is on. It's a pigmented, creamy, hydrating lipstick which is amazing quality. The tube is of a pinky red casing and of a high quality appearance. I was highly impressed and you won't be disappointed in purchasing them. I will say that I would only purchase these products especially the foundation and powder at a slightly lower cost then the one advertised at all time. The pencils and lipsticks are worth the money which is reasonable considering the quality. However the shade ranges for the foundation and powders are very small and for the money you could get one to suit your skin better if this is something that worries you. Especially if you are of sensitive skin type, then I would try to visit superdrug where it is stocked and then swatch them. 

Other wise this is an impressive collection and adds to an already impressive alliance with MUA, whom already are known for there high quality and amazingly priced makeup. 

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