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Yves Rocher - Botanical Hair repair oil

Yves rocher is a brand known to me via a beauty box with which I recieved a very highly pigmented lipstick. However on looking at the site I saw this brand is multi product supplier. Catering to all your needs from haircare to makeup. I was kind enough to be sent there hair oil which offers a botanical and natural approach. Its silicone and paraben free, made from oils plus enriched with macadamia plus babassu oils, 150mls costs £10.90 which isn't bad for a hair treatment. (Currently on offer for £5.50 in the sale).

So the story of Yves Rocher is  :

Yves Rocher was born in La Gacilly, nestled in the heart of Brittany, France. In the 1950s, a local healer gave him her secret recipe for a cream made from lesser celandine. He made it by hand and sold it locally. It was so popular that he decided to sell it by mail order. Yves Rocher had a passion for plants and a fascination for his grandfather's collection of dried herbs. Little by little he learned everything he could and created other beauty products. His family's attic became his laboratory and shipping centre. Letters flooded in and the packages piled high. Yves Rocher is reinventing beauty with a genuine compassion for nature and women. He is the creator of Botanical Beauty – a vision of beauty that now attracts 30 million women around the world.
Yves Rocher - Hair repair oil 

Plus during the summer its really imperative to take care of your hair as well of your skin. I have very curly hair and its suffered alot over winter. Even cold can be harsh so these type of oils are really in my favourable books. I use alot and serums, so I defiantly do enjoy them. However I do think that its important they don't add a greasy feel to the hair and overload when your main aim is to add nutrient. 

Now I know hair can go beyond help and split so regular cuts are also important too, believe me I've gone and had at times 5inches removed. It comes with the long hair territory.  Now my harsh lesson was due to over dye at home and not using a salon. Believe me I know home dye can be addictive but there is a fine line, so try to use a natural one and get advice from you salon as much as you can. 

 I like this oil as its infused with nut oils and I like the smell, plus light formula. To ensure no excessive build up, use a few drops then take this in your hands and rub it to warm and make the oil more workable. If you do this then you will find that you won't need to use any more. It goes very far and you will be surprised just how far, so if you have oily hair do not hit your roots, go about a inch away. Then massage down the whole shaft of the hair. 

Now if you have curly and suffer that summer "Monica" frizz as I call it, then these oils kill two birds with one stone. I would not add a serum unless my ends are being particularly difficult (that's my hint to get a trim). I would not use oil if I was sunning myself as you wouldn't on your skin. This is best used when you have washed and left your hair to dry naturally. Overall I love this oil and it has neutralised  any frizz and damage I had to a degree, its cheaper then the high end versions and I think I will be using this in future. As you can see the bottle is quite large plus like I said before you don't need a lot. So you won't need to purchase this again in a while. Brilliant investment and buy if your into hair oils and like natural products. So thank you Yves rocher as I think this is brilliant and I was looking for a ojon oil alternative. I have found it. 


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