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The Balm Cosmetics

TheBalm cosmetics is finally over here, horrrraaaayyyyy !!! It's just amazing when a brand you see so much of being released and able to try. I have so many products I would love to try on my list that whilst the Lookfantastic sale was on, I decided to try one, then I bought one off a friend and was sent two as a surprise gift. So I have 4 products to review and show you they are well known in the USA, which makes researching so much easier.I'm in love and the hype is justified. 

Ethos by, 
Marissa Shipman, Founder & CEO

theBalm cosmetics boasts a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. With a "beauty in five minutes" philosophy, theBalm's multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. The company's wearable colors and fantastic formulas allow women to release their inner artist so they can look and feel fabulous. In 2004, Marissa Shipman, founder of theBalm, realized there were a few simple products she needed to help her look and feel glam all the time-and if she needed them, other women did too... Marissa decided to indulge her cosmetic curiosities and went to Amazon where she bought 11 books on how to make makeup and started mixing in her kitchen. "I went makeup crazy. I incorporated the company, worked out a budget, hired a chemist and designed a website." She began integrating anti-aging ingredients, triple-milled pigments, fabulous scents...and theBalm was born. Fast forward ten years, you can now find theBalm's Paraben and Cruelty-Free products worldwide.

So the products I have to show are of course the two main powder compacts, Mia Moore lipstick and Hot mama Blusher. I love the names and play on words packaging, its my main love of our Soap and Glory range. So firstly let's jump into packaging of the compacts and blush then review them separately. 

Now I love how the Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou were made to look like pin up beauty babes, who obviously push the boundaries as being in jail means some naughty product is concealed. I like to think they are sisters and cleverly made the hair colour to show the contrast in highlight and bronzer. 

Mary-Lou is blonde and the Highlight powder which is an amazing golden blonde colour. Its highly pigmented so you only need a dab, as you have a potential to overdo it then pores become noticeable. However it can be used on the Cupid's bow, eyeshadow but its a bit to shimmery for all highlight areas of the face.

 The Betty-Lou Manizer is this most amazing bronzer that blends to a golden tan, again hugely pigmented. A dot is all you will need as the rich, buttery powder blends down to cover the cheek.

 I tried to use both together but honestly the shimmer would make you look like a 1980's glitterball. So one or the other paired with a matte product is brilliant, also the powder can be used multifunctionally. I would use Mary-Lou or Betty-Lou as eyeshadows, Betty-Lou can be used as a body shimmer for a night out also and to enhance a tan etc. Plus the compact is so pigmented I won't hit pan for a very long time.

So then we come to Hot mama blush and wow it's a stunning blush with a almost matte consistency but then blends to this lovely natural pink blush with a hint of shimmer. I like this colour as dusky rosé type blushes are nice for everyday use but can be built on for that extra pop of colour. So I will be making more purchases of the blush collection. 

So now the yummy lipstick called "Mia Moore" and my understanding is that its a play on James Bond. Just by the packaging, would you agree ? The balm girls play on words instead of being "bond girls", very cleverly done. 

So Mia Moore I expected to be a dry matte formula, as its what I've experienced with most red lipsticks. The Mia Moore is really creamy and pigmented. It's lasts the day, also as the shine goes then a light touch up with a balm is sufficent. I won't lie this lipstick is so pigmented it will leave a nice stain to the lips. So I'm really impressed with thebalm so far and debating the nude-attitude palette or The bon jovi as its just a must have for a rocker like me.

What do I think about thebalm ? Well the lipstick I think is stunning and much more manageable then a matte consistency, plus with winter setting in fast upon us and my chapped lips. If you want a red for celebrating the coming festivities then try this lovely offering. I can't say how impressed I am with all the powder compacts as they have blown me away. I do still think all three used together is shimmer overkill, personally I would pair with matte products. So they blend together better and more naturally. I'm really impressed and can't wait to add to my collection with thebalms palettes next then add to my blush collection. 

Quality products all round from thebalm.


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    1. Ooooi wait till look uniques next sale as it where I got mine and was really well priced x


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