Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Eldora lashes Review

Eldora lashes are a company whom are a master of there trade, after being accepted to review 3 sets of there lashes I just was ecstatic. I will be doing a individual review of each set to show you how they look applied and also what I would use them for. I myself have only being using lashes a short time.

They say at Eldora lashes ,

Eldora is about beautiful, quality and value-priced lashes. With its vast range from natural to extreme, there is a pair of eyelashes for everyone for any occasion!

Believe me that's true, you may go on lash haul like I'm going to do after seeing them. 

They have a vast selection so if you haven't put lashes on, then a YouTube makeup artist can set you on your way. This is how I learnt my tips and tricks.
As it is tricky however, its like anything practice makes perfect. So the lashes I was kindly sent to review were

     (L-R With lashes and Without) 

These lashes have a pretty thin spine (the curve part that will applies to your lid) and natural looking hair layout. They add a extra omp to my natural lashes. I found them to be comfortable and easy to apply. The glue is the kind that goes from white to blue, which helps to show you its ready to apply. I found these were easier to apply with tweezers (if your just starting get plastic eyelash holders) I am thinking of investing in a lash applicator for ease, when I purchase more lashes. Also i think it will stop the glue running into the hair if you squeese to much glue. I liked these lashes so much, as I found they looked really amazing with a natural look. As they blend to your natural lashes with no trouble at all, plus being the same length you can trim them without making the design change. 

 I didn't need mascara, as I personally find mascara just clumps my lashes together. I would use a clear mascara if my lashes are needing to be separated. However I've never needed to and my natural hair is very dark, so these are a two thumbs up.

 Im loving these H125 lashes and they are on my list to repurchase again for a natural look.                                   

So these lashes as you can see have a thicker amount of hair by the spine and look softer plus almost over-lapping. They are very easy to apply and I think its because the spine is slightly larger and the spines less fiddly to handle. With any big lashes you may feel a little odd like you can see the lash in your line of sight. You can just slightly curl the tip of them too elevate this feeling which isnt unpleasant it's just distracting at times,  just takes a little bit of adjustment as its a new experience for you. 

Now with a bold eye look can be tempting but I find just a blend of a colour to the lid with then a bold lip really does set these lashes off. I used mine with a cream eyeshadow then packed on a darker colour to the V of my eye, blended together slightly. A thin layer of eyeliner and then lashes applied and curled if need be. Adding a bright lip colour will make these lashes pop, as the eye colour is not overly bold. Which keeps the balance and ensures it wont take away from the detail of the lashes. 

I prefer this balanced look , as you want them to look as natural as possible. So from head on I don't think they are that noticeable but from above you can see. 
I would defiantly recommend the B178 for a night out or special occasion. Plus when they come to the last few uses you could trim them to decorate and have for an artistic-bold look. 

So these beautiful lashes I have yet to do a look book on as I have a Halloween look I'm saving these for. However they are calling me to use them, so I think I may have to do a look this week. 

So have you tried Eldora lashes ? Any sets your favourites and recommendations for my next purchase ? 


  1. They look fab hun, I just cannot fathom out how to stick them on ha xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Thanks babes... It took me a while but I found the more sturdy the spine the better for practice. Plus little eyelash applicators really do help


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