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MesmerEyez Contact lenses

The mesmerEyez company is known for the contact lenses they produce for special effects or everyday use, just as a change. They are comfortable and offer a range of either daily, monthly or 3 monthly options and also the solution to maintain them.

They say 

MesmerEyez cosmetics have grown to become the No.1 brand in eye colour change. A British brand leading the world in cosmetic eyewear, MesmerEyez are changing millions of eyes around the globe comfortably and easily without affecting vision. MesmerEyez eyewear has taken the cosmetics industry by storm featuring in Vogue, Grazia and London Fashion Week. Many professional international make-up artists regularly use MesmerEyez to change eye colour, including Aymai Nishimura who works with Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Vivienne Westwood. Thanks to the  celebrity and media endorsement, together with undisputed quality and comfort, MesmerEyez has a global cult-like following. 
2005  1st and only brand to offer cosmetic eye wear maufactured with the worlds thinnest contact lens technology offering unparalleled comfort and quality.
2006  1st Brand to offer a wide selection of 3 monthly disposable eye wear 
2007  1st company to offer 1 monthly and 3 monthly disposable cosmetic eye wear.
2008  1st Cosmetic eyewear company to offer 120ml “No rub” care solution with it products.
2009  Worlds largest range of colour, over 300 different colours available in daily,monthly, and 3 monthly disposable wear.  Worlds 1st Daily cosmetic eye wear available in a single pair.
2010  Worlds 1st XtremeEyez Crazy Halloween 1 Day Contact lenses - Massive Global Hit
2011  Worlds Largest Range of 1 Day XtremeEyez Halloween Contact Lenses
2012  Worlds First 1 Day Glow in the Dark Ultra Violet contact lenses

In 2010, our managing director and company founder Riz Navsarka was awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at Wembley Stadium , London. In 2012 Riz also achieved "Young Achiever of the year 2012" and "Small Business of the year 2012 finalist". Our mission at MesmerEyez is to be the company that best understands eye colour change.To lead, innovate and bring our customers the most comprehensive choice with the best quality and comfort.

So I was kindly given 3 sets to use and the solution to maintain them all. Now I have purposely kept these for looks as I want to show these to there potential and also I am doing the post now to show how easy they are to insert. So within the next 3 weeks you will see 3 posts with each set of lenses, it will be labelled with the colour I used. I will also add onto this post below which looks if you miss the link.

So they each come with a bottle of solution and a case included to keep the lenses protected after you remove them from the casing they come in. Now I've seen other sets of lenses, I can say without a doubt MesmerEyez are the safest I've had to remove then the glass bottles other companies use.

Included in the solution with free case for storage

So as I said I was sent some lovely colours. I removed them and soaked them in solution for the night to ensure they are clean. I'm overly protective with my eyes and I've seen some people use them and also injuries if not used properly. 

Sets i will be using in my looks (Violet - Jade Green and Blue)

So then the next day I removed them and for ease I used a little bowl to remove the lenses with my finger and put them in the water. Now I personally sterilise my water by boiling it and letting it cool then have it in a bottle separate in my fridge for this. Maybe over the top but hey I'm kinda a clean freak as I pick up infection so easy. I also use a purcell alcohol gel to disenfect my hands, its hospital grade but wash your hands before touching the lense and inserting.

So the quickest way I do this is to have a mini mirror above me then pull my lower lid down look up and insert. If you have smaller eyes like my husband (as he wears contacts) then use the same technique but your forefinger to keep the top lid open. He says it helps, so now this below is the Jade green inserted in my eye to show how it should fit and look. 

Blink when you put it in and it will move to the centre of the eye. To remove then again sanitise your hands, hold the lower lid and slightly pinch the bottom of the lense and it should be enough to remove. You don't need much pressure to pinch or wet your finger with clean water and just use this to aid inserting and removing. We have both found having wet fingers help keep this comfortable and the eye less irritated.

Colour chart ( 1day up to 3 monthly contacts available)

It's just practice and if you use glitter for your eye look insert your lenses first so no glitter can get under the lense. 

So as you can see above the massive collection of lenses available. I will be investing in some more as I love them for comfort and ease.


  1. These are great, always wanted purple eyes ha x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Wow!nice blog this is the good blog of health follow us:-There is also additional responsibility regarding black sclera contact lenses which need to be bought to assist vision. The eye too has its own lens. But this cannot be cleaned in the artificial mechanism as can be done in case of the colored contact lenses. The halloween contact lenses would appear eerie and out of place to others. There may be people who will wear crazy contact lenses to appear really cool.


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