Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dove- New Deeply Nourishing bodywashes

So Dove is a well known and loved brand  for moisture and care to the skin. Helping sensitive skins and also with the added moisture and lack of impurities. 

They say 
What is the Dove Difference? Nourishment. Only Dove Body Wash has NutriumMoisture™ - our unique blend of moisturisers enriched with skin-natural lipids, which absorbs into the skin to nourish while you shower. Used everyday, it helps restore skin's strength from the inside for longer lasting more beautiful skin. Deeply nourishing. Clean rinsing. Always beautiful.

Okay so this new Dove smells amazing and it's not overwhelming as with every shower or product for the bathroom, I see if a man can use them and know the difference. As I don't have a huge bathroom so I can't go clogging my shower with a load of product as my husband bless him where would his I ? So he will engage in this and try it to see if its overpowering in smell or just basically not manly. 

So he as did I use this all through the month and I will say the deeply nourishing in the unisex just plain Dove no scent formula. This was used by us both and loved, it's makes you feel extremely soft. Lovely plus loved by my husband and not noticeable so this is unisex. 
Now the blue fig and Orange blossom is my favourite of the two, I loved this scent because it's lovely in the shower and really relaxing. Now my husband tried this and said it was relaxing and it's not unmanly to enjoy the process of washing. We both have candles in the bedroom lit so yes obviously I need to cream and he helps me due to my needs and helping me. However he used this scent and we both smelt after and it disperses quite quick so no man could not pick this up and think its just for a woman. Plenty of men love fruity scents and this is not overly powerful so it can be used also as a unisex shower product. 

I really rate these Dove new washes as they do give you a lovely moisturising shower with clean fresh feeling. So why not try them as they are essential for the home and an everyday use product. This is about beauty and not just makeup. 
Dove is a brand we use to maintain and upkeep our appearance, so we need to also review the essentials then the high end products. 

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