Thursday, 10 October 2013

Stila - Positively Pink Breast cancer awareness Products 2013

So again another beautiful addition to the breast cancer awareness month of October from Stila. 

This beautiful blush is just divine, with the ribbons being the highlight shimmer to the colour when applied so you can build this up. Its a beautiful lightly dusky pink and just amazing payoff for a healthy glow look. It's meant to just add to the natural colour you have and in that sense it's just a blush to have for everyday use and who wouldn't want this in there bag to showcase for support to a wonderful cause?
So it's proudly in my makeup bag for this month and again unless stipulated it will be the blush I will be using in all my looks this month. 
So the colour is "Positively pink" bringing forth the message to everyone that this is a cancer that does have a lot of support and positive actions in place to help beat this form of the disease. We all should be positive in the life we own but also adopt the choice to check our breast's or have the dr check if any way you are worried. If you don't know how to check then I have linked on every page the breast cancer website which has a in depth how to check yourself checklist. The products go to funding this amazing charity but if by spreading the message of checking ourselfs helps save life's then we should encourage in chats between girlfriend and also partners.

Thank you too stila for again supporting this cause by bringing a beautiful inspired blush to the table and also helping fund a brilliant cause. We have amazing cosmetic support and it's just something we should recognize that I know these companies take time to produce a product to aid donations.

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