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Dove - New hair care system

Now Dove is a well known brand for skincare but did you know they have branched into haircare ? Well with the help of Dove hair ambassador Christian wood, they now have the products to deliver beautifully nourished hair. So with the kind assistance of Dove and the beautiful set I was sent, I'm going to run you through the 4 haircare products. 

Products for review are 
Dove hair therapy :
Refresh and care - Dry shampoo 
Style and care - Heat protect spray
Style and care - Cream serum
Style and care - Moisturising dry ends serum 

I'm really excited to trial these products from Dove as my hair is long, curly and mostly a frizzy mess. Unless I have a brilliant serum and a can of mousse, it's plaited and kept tangle free. As the one thing I find with products for curly hair is they usually are so overly sticky or heavy to the hair. I would usually either end up with hair so crisp from product you would wonder how it doesn't break or a no product frizzy mess.  So with the wheel guide I'm going to give you a run down on each product and how it does for my hair type.  Firstly the Dry shampoo which I have used so I can wash and apply the other products. They advise to apply to damp towel dried hair. 

So with the Dry shampoo you can use this to give a refreshing boost to your hair, if you have not got time to fully wash and style. Also dry shampoo if applied to the roots can give a lift to the hair as that's where oil can build up and leave hair looking flat. So this absorbs the oil to boost from the root and add that volume you maybe lacking.  I must say I have only ever used one brand of dry shampoo. This offering from Dove is lovely and fresh to use, I also didn't get any white cast. My hair felt clean after I used this as I have dry hair, so I don't wash it daily. However I think people with oily hair would like this product, as my hair feels lighter and clean from all product residues. Very impressed and for the 200ml can priced at £4.59, (depending on retailer) I would consider re-purchasing.

Next we have the 3 style and care products, starting with the Frizz free shine cream serum. This product along with the dry ends serum was what I was very excited about. I have as yet not found a serum I like or feel works. As I want an item to make my hair look healthy and just glowing, but also lightweight. 
This styling cream and dry ends serum I feel is light weight. One squirt of serum after you have styled you hair, is really effective. I was highly impressed with this product as serums can run quite expensive. Especially if you have curly hair and need a fair amount. One pump for straightened hair and two for curly is enough. I say two for curly as my hair becomes seriously thicker. The styling cream I found was for more curly styling as I didn't want to weight my hair when straight with too much product as it tends to kink. 

So I chose to review this item last as I straighten my hair once, then I will leave it till the next wash is due. Because my hair is frizzy I tend to give it a break before applying heat again. If I don't then I will split and damage the hair beyond repair. So I will make a point of doing a monthly hair mask along with my facial routine and overall pamper session. Just to add some health back to my hair. It seems to work as my hair is not overtly frizzy when I straighten it. As long as I use a good heat protectant, then I will be able to spray with some lightweight hairspray and my hair will hold. 

So with the new Dove style and spray heat protectant, I was excited as to have a lightweight protectant that Nourish's too is what I'm always on the hunt for. So it protects up to 230 degrees which is standard for most ceramic flat irons, however mine can go higher for a "flash blast" on pesky areas of hair. I rarely use that function but it's there.  It says that "the combination of silicones and conditioning agents provide a sublime shine. Whilst protecting the hair fibres during heat styling". I've done a picture of my hair with the product in. 

As you can see my hair is not frizzy and smooth with just a small amount of spritz. Plus it's not feeling weighted down or increased "straigtener burn" which is what I say when I hear my hair crackle. I didn't have this as the product sprays a light mist and I found adding to dry hair more effective. I personally would not straighten my hair damp.

So I'm exceedingly impressed with the new Dove styling products, they are affordable and give excellent results. I would defiantly repurchase these rather then the expensive counterparts. 

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