Monday, 6 January 2014

H & B Dead Sea - Hand and nail multi-vitamin cream

So winter is upon us in true cold style. Now if anyone was too look in my bag for winter essentials, then you would find Hand cream and lip balm. So when I saw an opportunity to review for H&B beauty, whom distribute products from the Dead Sea I jumped at the chance.  I've inserted some facts about the Dead Sea below for everyone to see. As I have a few products I'm reviewing, I wanted my readers to have informative and reliable content. 

They say ; 

H&B manufacture, market and export top quality skin, body and hair care products all over the world. These cosmetics are based on Dead Sea minerals, enriched with vitamins, plant extracts and aromatic oils to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy and glowing skin.

Hand and Nail Cream :
The Multi Vitamin Treatment Hands & Nails Cream is enriched with Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Tea Tree extract (an ingredient well known for its effectiveness against fingernail fungus) and Evening Primrose oil. It includes Vitamins A & E and Dead Sea salt water minerals to strengthen the vitality of the skin and also UV filters to protect the skin of your hands.

Past experiences ;
I have used Dead Sea products before when I was a child for psoriasis. However it was in a much more raw form. My nan brought salts back and actual foil packed mud. So I was coated and then bathed in the salty water. As I also watched a video seeing people float in the Dead Sea, because of the salt content of the water. 

Properties of the Dead Sea ;
The unique qualities of the Dead Sea have been known from the early ages for its healing properties and great contribution to your overall well-being. It is the only place in the entire world which offers the exquisite combination of spa benefits: extraordinary sun radiation and climate conditions, enriched oxygen (at least +15% more than any other place in the world), mineral-rich mud and thermo-mineral springs. The Dead Sea is a good source of relief and healing for those suffering from skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Psoriasis-Arthritis, Atopic-dermatitis, Vitiligo (depigmentation), Arthritis and Asthma. The Dead Sea cosmetics products have been proven as good treatment and relief for these diseases. 

Packaging ;
Now the packaging I think on the hand cream is good but I would need a smaller one for my bag. The labels are a little dated but it's based in isreal so what is fashionable there may not be here. However it serves its purpose and I think as time passes, like all things the packaging will change. I do like the way I can control the amount I dispense with the squeezing action of the bottle. 

Overall opinion/Product capability ;
Now with everyone wanting more natural ways of maintaining good skincare, then where best to start then the Dead Sea. It's basis being that the mineral rich properties absorb into the skin. This is true of the hand cream in that it absorbs very easily into the skin. I found I could use this up to my fore-arms for a moisturiser in the evening as it absorbed so well. Plus only a little was needed as it goes such a long way, I was very impressed. Now my skin is very dry in winter, as most people whom suffer with psoriasis will agree its our worst month of the year. I need highly concentrated moisture within a cream but not so heavy that it sits. A good moisturising trick I do is to apply my moisturiser then using a spritz bottle, just mist myself with coconut water to help pull in moisture. 

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