Wednesday, 15 January 2014

H & B Dead Sea Minerals : Multi Vitamin Mineral serum

So this is my second product in a series of 3 more reviews to come featuring H&B products. This next addition to review is the multi-vitamin serum. A beautifully light and hydrating serum enriched with minerals from the Dead sea. 

Multi-Vitamin serum ;
The revolutionary Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum covers facial skin with a moisturizing mixture of pure beauty ingredients, containing a rich complex of vitamins which nourish the skin, providing it with a firming effect. The serum contains vitamin A to improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and maintain an even texture; Vitamin E, a major antioxidant in our bodies, which depresses the natural skin aging process by neutralizing free radicals and reducing sun ray damages and Vitamin C, a leading anti-aging factor, which provides the skin with a healthy glow and protects from skin discoloration. This serum is enriched with natural oils, essential fatty acids Omega 3&6 and active Dead Sea minerals. It is highly recommended for usage by women ages 25 and up.

Packaging ;
I think the packaging on this product is very appealing. It looks very high end with the gold and frosted bottle. There is a little too much writing on the bottle, as I think the logo alone with "anti wrinkle serum" embossed would be sufficent. As all the product information is on the box which would suffice for me. However that's a personal preference, with the "less is more concept ". I like this bottle and feel this is a big improvement to the hand creams packaging. 

Results and texture ;
So firstly the texture of the serum is a gel based formula which is dispensed via pump. It's deceiving so don't multi-pump thinking you will need a lot, as this gel liquifies down. It becomes a very aquaous feeling serum and absorbs into the skin well after a little time. Hence why I advise only a pump is needed or waste will occur. I could easily use one pump for my face and the liquid feeling actually encouraged me to massage my face in the evening. This is good for stimulating good circulation, with massaging up to gain more plumping effect. It's very hydrating and over time it maybe beneficial with these factors being accounted for. Plus in cold months it can be good to have a high content hydration product, I can also see this being a great summer product for the same reason. The heat can cause skin damage and this serum would be excellent as an after sun repair. Helps to rehydrate all year round and maintain healthy skin with the minerals. 

I've enjoyed this serum and seen that this gel formula works for me, as I need hydration. Also I find that its great being that you don't need a lot of serum either, so it's great that you can be sure it will last you too. Overall I'm really happy and would repurchase this serum, as I would be interested to see how my skin fairs this year then to past years. 


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