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Urban Decay - Naked 3 Palette review

So there was hushed whispers just before Christmas, about the new Urban Decay : Naked 3 palette. A palette of pinky, rosey gold tone shades. They are the usual Urban Decay quality, creamy and buttery plus ease to blend.  It also comes with sample "sachets not tubes like usual" of all 4 shades of Primer potion.

They say ; 
Experiment with 12 never seen before (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter.

Shades ;
Strange - Matte cream 
Dust - Pink sparkle 
Burnout - Light rose golden 
Limit - Matte light Pink/brown
Buzz - Rich bronzey pink
Trick - Bronze with pink sparkle
Nooner - Darker Matte mauve
Liar - Dark bronze 
Factory - Bronze/taupe shimmer
Mugshot - Light golden/bronze with slight taupe shimmer
Darkside - Grey with mauve mix shimmer 
Blackheart - Black with red/pink shimmers 

Now this is my run-down of the shades as I saw them whilst swatching. 

So firstly Strange is a matte shade of cream which is a perfect brow highlight or inner base for a highlight shade. I use this also if I need a light colour to defuse some darker shades. 
Then with Dust which is a pink shimmer shade. It really speaks its namesake as it's literal dust. You will need a cream or sticky base to get any colour payoff or show on this shade. It's one of the most disappointing shades in the palette. 
So Burnout is where things start to pick up with a going back to Urban decays great eyeshadows. Good pigment and ease to work with.  Nice light rosey golden shade that builds well and perfect inner highlight colour. 
So the next matte shade is Limit which is a light almost mauve colour that's perfect  to transition. Having a palette with bronzes, golds and browns mix in with pinks, Limit is a perfect shade which takes tones from the shades to make them merge. I love this shade as if you want a matte day look with not heavy shimmer, then this with just some liner can look fantastic. Or even take some Nooner to the outer V to add some dimension for a variety to day matte looks. Beautiful texture like silk and blends fabulously. Glad to see some workable mattes within the palette. 

So then we come too Buzz and Trick which are two of my favourite shades within the palette. Now they are similiar but Buzz is more the brown side and Trick is more golden. They both have tints of rose under them and also very creamy to work with. They apply to the lid beautifully with very little product and effort needed. I love to pack these colours onto the lid, as the feature to make my eyes pop. Blend perfect and excellent colour pigment.
So Nooner is a darker version of limit, matte transition colour to darken the crease. Fantastic creamy and workable shade. Favourite for day time looks and just adding depth, without shimmer. 
Liar is another favourite and I know they are all shimmers, the colours are what I've been craving. They make any eye colour pop and just are amazing to work with. Liar is going into the darker rose golds with more bronze tones to add. It's a stunning colour to use as a sweep of colour, across the lid with cat flick eyeliner. Creamy and high pigmentation.
Factory is more on the Bronze with taupe infused shade and shimmer. Again a high pigment, creamy shade that is workable. Blends well and also gives you an alternative to black to do a smokey eye. I love the last shades in the Naked 3 palette, as they are much more versitable in my opinion. 

Jealous on the inner corner, Trick on the lid then Darkside on the outer V. 

The next shade is Mugshot which is very taupe on first glance. However with all the shadows, you get with different lights the changing shimmers. It's why this palette is so versatile as you can mix them with shades, featuring tones of taupe/rose/golds and bronzes.  This definatly has a golden/bronze undertone which is highly pigmented and creamy. 
Darkside is a beautiful Grey/Taupe shade and also fantastic shade to do a quick smokey eye. Just taking you inner lid with a colour of choice, then add this too the outer V and blend out add a touch of liner. Amazing colour which has no bounds. Easy to blend and high pigmentation. 
Blackheart is a black shade with red/pink shimmers through it. It's beautiful and the shimmers are very beautiful. I just wish that the red was somehow also threaded in the black shadow, to make that shimmer pop more. It's very unusual but a perfect colour for valentines, so with a red base this could make the shade pop.  I'm going to try this myself for valentines day.

So overall I really am enjoying the Naked 3 palette. I have taken a while to write this review, as I did want to check the colours fully and use them over Christmas. I managed to use them and found that I was mostly disappointed with, Dust and also Blackheart in a way. I think Blackheart would be amazing if they had made the reds more prominent within the shimmer. It's so unique and I just wish it was a bit more punchy. Other then that it's an amazing palette with workable and creamy shadows. Rose golds are what everyone has been screaming for and Urban decay delivered. 


  1. I have this on my wishlist..those rosy shades looks awesome


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