Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wow, never seen these before !

So I have recieved a parcel from a dear friend whom knows I love my makeup and also USA brands. So when I recieved  a box of Christmas presents, I was just amazed at how many USA items there were.  I was so lucky to be blessed with a dear friend, who treated me beyond words can describe. So I wanted to show you them all, as I've never seen these items before and was really amazed. 

Okay so firstly I know the brand Revlon and colourstay products, however I've never seen these lip colour collection kits.  It comes with 6 shades and they are so smooth and glided on when I was doing swatches. They are highly pigmented and some shades I have never seen, like "Ice" is amazing. 

"Ice" and "Mauve" are two shades I will be using for spring, as they are so stunning.  As you can see in the swatches (left side T-B, Burgendy, brick and red - Right side T-B, Mauve , Ice and Sienna ) the colour payoff is amazing. They are so creamy that I just love them and the stylish black with gold indent tube they come in. They are slimlined lipsticks. 

So the next items I recieved were Urban decay : Gem rocks. Now I've seen these and was going to purchase them to do some more spring ethereal looks etc. So these may not be unknown to me but they were just so appriciated. I can't wait to use them. 

Now Hard candy is a brand I've been dying to try and also get my hands on Tiki. I love there packaging and I didn't realise till a short while ago that I had a baked eyeshadow of there's. So then when I saw these in the package, I was over joyed. I love green eyeshadow and purples too which is no shock, but these cream stick bases are amazing. I am just dying to use these in a over the top look and I'm having the brain tic-tock overload with ideas. I mean the pigment for starters is a fantastic base to make my greens and purples pop.

Do you have any products that are from the USA or un-usual gifts ? Il be using these items in coming months and hope to show you. 

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  1. love the colour from the first picture!

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