Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shiseido - Sheer eye zone corrector

Shiseido has always been a brand i feared too expensive. However I was so kindly sent a lovely sample, of there new Skin corrector. Because I was not able to visit the store to try it.
I was sent this beautiful parcel and have to say thank you, to the marketing team. 
So some facts and information first. 

They say ;
With a sheer finish, this unique corrector neutralizes dark circles with exclusive color and an ultra thin formula specifically for the eye zone. Just-applied finish lasts all day. 6 unique shades created to cancel discolouration around the eye's by adjusting the skin tone around the cheek. Sheer and Perfect Foundation and Sheer Eye Zone Corrector are formulated with Shiseido exclusive Reflect and Fit Powder. Rather than concealing heavily, Shiseido’s two ultra thin formula with unique technology of optical correction brings beautifully event-toned complexion.
So with a very detailed colour chart and descriptive text. Shall we see just by testing, how my eyes looked before and after. Bearing in mind I am an insomniac. I also on medication hence, why my skin looks so tired. 

I can say this was beautiful, it dulled the purple haze my eyes have. The perfect base or preparation for one. It removed the tired bags and made them look less noticeable. No creasing that I could detect. I would only use a translucent powder, if you are planning a plain/quick application. So by results alone, I really love this product and will save up to purchase a new one. When this one has been used up, it's a makeup bags must have. 

So above is with just the Zone corrector and then with a basic day look. It's not disturbed nor faded in concealing my tired eyes. In fact my eyes looked bright and I was complimented quite a few times. So its a firm favourite of mine. 

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