Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kringle candles - New 2014 scents

I love Kringle candles, they are the most beautiful candles. The scent throw is amazing, making your home smell divine. I was low on voltives and went to stock up. Then was kindly sent the new scents to trial. I love to display (daylights/voltives/tealight) in a big glass jar. If friends visit and would like one to try, I happily give them. I can't thank Kringle enough for being so generous. 

So the new scents for 2014 are
- Grapefruit 
- Sparkling 
- Black sands 
- Coconut wood
- Wild poppies 
- Sail away 

So in a rundown if the scents -
Sail away is a real feel of the seaside, that scent you smell as you approach the coast. Nice hints and reminders of going to the beach. Very fresh and gives your home a sense of peace.

- Black sands is probably one I would say my husband loves. It's very masculine and perfect for him. He really enjoyed the initial scent and will enjoy burning this. It's very much like a masculine aftershave scent, perfect for a man- cave. Seems overpowering on first smelling, however calms to a constant scent throw. 

- Wild poppies is beautiful and I'm not a floral scent kind of girl. However this has a perfect balance of floral with freshness. Not overpowering at all. Just like a hint of  spring entering your home, it's stunning. Would highly recommend if your not sure on florals but would like one to try, this would be the one. Lovely lit and so calming like the same effect as lavender scents.

- Coconut wood is one where you keep smelling it, to get closer to the scent. I can only describe it as raw coconut with some hints of wood. Now I have had fresh coconuts as a child. This is bringing back that scent of the freshly opened coconut. You have the woody tones of the outer husk, the coconut milk and fresh smell from inside. It's really nice and again this would be a calming scent if choose. I love coconut.

- Sparkling is almost a fresh light hints of lemon and lime. Summer sparkling mix of lemonade freshly made then lime added to give a zesty zing. I use this when I want something just really light. However throws different scents every now and again.

Grapefruit is a light and has a hint of the fruity grapefruit scent. Really is impressive how this is a perfectly balanced candle. It's not overpowering and gives a nice throw of scent without being over the top. I don't like grapefruit but I love this candle. 

I had purchased some voltives and was kindly sent an array of sample cards. I found the card lasted a few hours as a air freshener. This gives me an idea of which candles I want to add to my collection. So grateful to Kringle candles for the sample cards. 

So I bought (stocked up heavily) on Pancake breakfast, Sugar plum and Red rum punch. I will say that "pancake breakfast" has an amazingly stong scent, even when it's still wrapped up. When lit it then gives a scent, of maple sugar with hints of pancakes.

Red rum punch is also a lovely summer fruity candle. Hints of blackberries, strawberry and a mix of other lovely scents.I really like this, as it's a mix when it burn's. They have the balance just right on there candles. It's a beautifully rich fruity candle. However they don't overpower, I personally can feel quite ill if a scent becomes too potent. I like a constant nice flow of scent and Kringle offer me this. 

Next on the list to try
Melon, Frosted cake, spiced apple if in stock, most scents from the fruit and food sections. 


  1. Oooh these look delightful xx

  2. Oh wow! I'm always on the lookout for new candles. thanks for sharing!


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