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Sainsburies - Boutique makeup line

Now when I found out sainsburies was releasing a makeup line. I honestly didn't hold too much hope for the quality of the makeup. Until I saw whom had created and read further, then was kindly sent samples to consider. So here's my rundown to the new Boutique line. 

They say : Boutique is set to transform the way women shop for their make-up bag essentials. From nail polishes, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeshadows to accessories, Boutique has been created by a collective of professional make-up artists. In early 2011, we approached Jo Saville and Sophia Price, established make-up artists, who with a wealth of beauty product experience helped create the perfect collection of colours which marries high pigmentation, easy application and brilliant staying power. Boutique shades feature fun, tongue-in-cheek names such as Grass Is Always Greener,Tickled Pink and Cat Got The Cream, designed to put a smile on the face of female shoppers often overwhelmed by beauty fixtures.

Sophia Price, Boutique Make-Up Ambassador: "We’re experts in understanding the diverse make-up needs of women and this insight coupled with Sainsbury’s understanding of their customers formed the basis of the Boutique range. which means we’re confident that every colour and product is what Sainsbury’s customers will want."
Jo Saville, Boutique Make-Up Ambassador"Boutique was created for the everyday woman, but as a result of testing the products  we found industry insiders were choosing to include the products in their make-up kit because of their fantastic quality."
Range of Lipstick colours 

Colour pallets, pigment strength, formulation, finish and longevity are all set to go head-to-head with the leading cosmetics brands. Blind product testing was carried out by 58 industry professionals, and the outcome resulted in over 90% of the beauty panel recommending Boutique.

Selection of the New range from Boutique 

So as we can see I was kindly sent 2 eyeshadows, a lipstick and lipgloss. The packaging is basic black with the boutique logo. It is nicer for the lipstick and gloss, as the quality is not cheaply done. The eyeshadows packaging I'm not sure of, as I have so many single that I depot for space. This would have been unique to see them, either slot or click on top of each other. So you have a stack of shadows rather then singles all over, maybe it will be evolved or changed in time. Otherwise I'm quite impressed initially for a newly released brand. 

Eyeshadows Review : Blaze of Glory and Turn a Blind eye 

Now this was where my mind was slightly blown, as I am a eyeshadow fiend. I collect palettes also tried many brands, so I really do want quality in not only pigment. So texture was soft and I expected a gritty texture for the shimmer. They were smooth and my goodness I was bowled over with the swatches. The pigment is intense, there is no dimished colour when blended also. So these 2 shades really are quality shadows. 

Blaze of glory looks like a simple gold but it's mixture of taupe and gold. Really beautiful shimmer to it and blends out lovely. It gives different colour flecks in the light and the shimmer is not chunky. It's comfortable to wear, pack on and blend. 

Turn a blind eye is also looks to be a pinky shade, however it's darker purplely shade. Again with tones of taupe and bronze. I was amazed with this shade and how intense the pigment was. I would have loved to see, if the matte shades are the same quality. However the shades with some shimmer are not chunky or uncomfortable. 

Review of the Lipstick and Lipgloss

So the lipstick "Don't rest on your coral" is beyond stunning. It's a deeper shade of coral which is so pigmented. The lipstick feels lovely on lips being very moisturising. It's glossy so I had to do a base, blot then apply a second layer. The shine of the lipstick does go when eating or drinking. However the pigment does stay on the lips, it's a perfect handbag lippy for on the run. Really lovely formula of lipstick. 

The Gloss I couldn't see the name as the packaging and see through sticker made it really difficult. I don't usually use lipgloss as I use Creamy lipsticks. Gloss on top just makes my lips feel heavy, plus I don't tend to like the sticky feeling. This gloss I found was a lovely colour and I would use this alone. However I found on swatching the gloss, it looks like it's separating from the colour almost. This then makes you want to blot the excess off. So it's not a great formula for me or my experience of gloss. It is probably why I don't wear gloss more. 

Overall I will admit I wasn't expecting much from the line being its new. However it's been made with experience and you can see with quality. The quality of the Eyeshadows and lipstick are amazing. I would Definatly try more of these shades and I'm intrigued to see the matte shadow quality. The Gloss is not something I would use and it's just not my go to product. I'm planning to see if my Sister in law would like to try this as she wears gloss, to see her opinion. I'm really impressed with the range. 

Below are the Nail polish range and above is all the Lipstick shades. 

The range of Polishes by Boutique

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