Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lush - Bella Fruta gift box

Lush is a natural brand, that has such a vast and exotic range of products. Using the best ingredient's to give you, the most sensual, luxurious pampering.  So i was most surprised and overwhelmed, when i was sent a gift from lush. I cannot thank them enough. I hope that showing my gift will inspire anyone stuck for christmas ideas. 

Is described as ; We're paying bathing homage to all things fruity with this gorgeous gift, designed to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. Avocado butter nourishes the skin, fresh bananas moisturise and mangoes help to condition the skin.

Honestly if i could convey the smell this box radiates when you receive it, wow fruity lovers this is your box. Make haste and grab one before its too late. Now for the wondrous contents of this most beautiful gift box.

Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note.

A scent you could smell for hours and never be bored. Beautiful bar full of rich colour and bubbles, a most beautiful product. I love the scent of this bubble bar and its lushness, i can't get over how much this scent makes me just relax. Plus your bathroom will smell amazing. A definite recommend for anyone who loves rich blackcurrant scents. 

Mango bath melt 
A gorgeous way to wake up and replenish the skin. The citrus fragrance  lifts the mood, the mix of butters are (cocoa, avocado and mango) a rich treat for the skin. It packs a hydrating punch. Avocado butter rehydrate's and work with the mango & cocoa, to soften and moisturise.

Wow packed full of mango fruity scent and feels like a buttery bar of goodness. I really enjoy these bath melts and as they are so soft. I will in future cut them to portions and then cling film it to preserve the butters. I could get 3 portions if i was using other products with this bath melt, however my husband likes this one so i do 2 portions. Its so rich and tropical that you will sit in the bathroom, until the scents leave which is a long time. 

Avobath bomb
Avobath in the morning to help you face the day. The oils will pick you up, also tackling dryness with avocado and olive oil. Containing lustre, giving a shimmering green effect to the water. It contains avocado and olive oil, to  make this an excellent for dry skin sufferers.

I haven't used this one as yet as I'm gifting this to someone, whom is going into hospital where skin can become dry and so sore. This will be the perfect pre-admission treat and relaxing gift i can give. Plus she loves green as its her favourite colour and the beautiful smell of this bath bomb is like just nothing you can describe. I know il be doing a christmas order so il purchase one.

A skin-brightening and mood-lightening summery soap. Packed with fresh kiwi fruit and refreshing citrus oils, perfect for dull skin. Kiwi is full of natural fruit enzymes that break down dead skin cells,brightening your skin. Juniperberry oil an antiseptic helps congested skin, bergamot oil adds to your mood.

This soap made me smile so much when i opened the box, as it was like a jammy dodger of the soap world. The outside so fruity with the kiwi which was so soft on my skin. I have dry skin and this made my skin feel so moisturised and not sore. Usually I'm sore after a shower as the soap makes me itch and just goes so red, this didn't do anything like that. In fact my dead skin areas were looking like id exfoliated but not raw looking. Also my creams absorbed quicker plus it felt enjoyable. The whole evening routine i felt envigorated and just relaxed. So i will be buying another chunk of this soap as my Rockstar soap has run out.

Hand cream : Sympathy for the skin
We've packed this lotion with bananas, cocoa butter and vanilla to nourish and soften skin. Fresh bananas added to a loose emulsion of vanilla, cocoa butter and almond oil. Helps the skin easily absorb the vitamin, mineral-rich bananas. 

So this lotion for my hands is not lasting long as i must overuse this lotion. My skin and nails are so nourished and soft that I'm addicted. I love vanilla and banana so this pot will be gone by next week and i will mourn its passing, till my next order arrives. I highly recommend this lotion for anyone. 

Red fun
Ideal for children (of all ages) Red Fun. A 4-in-1 product, this gentle product can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap, or even to play with. One of five colours. It contains orange oil and mandarin oil to add sunshine to your mood.

This is one of 5 colours in the Fun bar range, each having a certain mood to cater too if your an adult. This is a perfect family product as its natural and your not rummaging through numerous bottles, to find the child friendly products. So the children can be given a pick of a colour (Id recommend that you pre cut this for your bathroom, again cling film so each child can pick a colour) unwrap there own soap and have some play time. Then wash with the soap as they play, this is perfect for children. Plus adults whom have a little child at heart. 

What are your favourite lush products ?


please feel free to leave a comment :O)

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