Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Invisi Bobble

My hair is loud, curly and proud. It doesnt fail in telling me this each day, i awaken to a mass of madness. My hair at the crown of my head, always wiggles free from his place then gestures me with a loving frizzy wave. I was kindly sent the Invisi-bobble to trial, also that its neon version will be available in Topshop.

The Invisibobble has various advantages to it:
- It is traceless
- Avoids headaches
- It is caring to the hair
- Wearable with all hair types
- Bracelet feature

- Traceless:
The traceless outcome lies in telephone cord shape. When worn it places uneven pressure, around the the ponytail. This  allows for the hair to be held.

- Avoiding headaches:
 Headaches when wearing your hair up, is a common problem. A hold that doesn't pull on hairs or the scalp.

- Caring:
They are caring to the hair, with no metal clip. The two ends are brought together smoothly. Suitable for any hair type. Can be worn as a bracelet when not in hair.

So i recieved 3 bobbles within the pack, which is very affordable. Now i wanted to see what 3 ladies thought, so i kept one then distributed 1 to my mother in law plus my sister in law. As we all use the usual hair ties, in time they become very loose and then snap. However the first use of normal hair ties, can be uncomfortable and a strain on the hair. Personally i can get migraines, from pulling my hair tight for long periods. I was interested to see if invisibobble would help.

So its Neon pink colour may look scary but within my dark hair, it blended in fine. I found that when i first used the invisi bobble, i admit i thought its too loose. As your instinct is to pull as tight as you can. When i let go on the final pull through, i was surprised to find my hair stayed where it was. It didn't feel loose or lax, nor did it during the day. When i asked my sister in law and mother in law there thoughts, they said pretty much the same thing on first use. It takes a while to get used to the strength this little bobble has.

There has been no visable damage to my hair whilst ive been using the invisi bobble. Also no headaches or uncomfortable pains, from my hair being pulled back. Again same feedback from my family, no headaches which is the main factor for us all. We all did agree we would purchase more neutral tones for our wrists as well, it can look a little teeny bop-perish. So we will be using the colours our hair is naturally or the clear ones on next purchase. Im so impressed with the invisibobble. I will be back to say how long the Invisi bobble lasts us all. 

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