Thursday, 20 November 2014

Memebox : Tony Moly edition

So this month i have quite a few Memebox's to review. The first in this series are known for there amazingly cute packaging. Plus there apple shaped products. I cant wait to share them with you.  

Famous for their signature swoon-worthy packaging and its incredible effectiveness. Tony Moly is one of the most sought after beauty brands in all of Korea. In this Box you’ll find all of Tony Moly’s holy grail beauty essentials – intensive skin care goodies, makeup must-haves housed in precious packaging. 

Contents :
Mini peach lip balm
Egg pore shiny skin soap
Black gel eyeliner (long brush)
Delight tint neon crayon
- Luminous Aura Beam
- Panda's Dream White Cream
- Appletox smooth massage peeling cream

Egg pore shiny skin soap

Luxurious handmade soap & pack for pore management, Pore & keratin removal, Skin tightening & pore contraction effect, Deep cleansing effect Egg White. DirectionsSoap – Create sufficient foam, rub onto face as if massaging, and wash off with lukewarm water. Pack – Create sufficient foam, spread onto face, avoiding eyes and lips, and cleanse off with lukewarm water when it becomes creamy. 

Is a very cute concept of using egg holders as storage. The soaps will lather up and give you a lovely fresh feeling. Enriched with keratin that will help rebuild damaged skin. Looking forward to seeing the effects of cleaning with these little eggs.

Mini peach lip balm 

Sweet peach scented moisturizing lip balm. Superbly hydrating lip balm contains a blend of peach essence and shea butter for an intense moisturizing effect. Non-sticky formula spreads on easily, enveloping lips in a glossy and sweet fruity scented veil that softens while healing chapped lips at the same time. Whimsical, peach-shaped container is sure to delight lovers of all things cute and fanciful.

Beautifully presented lip balm that smells lovely. Lovely for travel as hydrating and it's smell size. I have so many beautiful lip balms and scrubs from memebox.

Panda's Dream White Cream 

Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Cream is skin brightening and perfecting cream that locks in moisture and brightens dull complexions. This super nourishing cream will bring vitality back to skin while evening out the skin tone.Skin will feel soft and smooth after each application without the greasiness. The adorable panda packaging and the light fruity scent is an added bonus.

Cannot wait to try this cream as ive heard so many amazing reviews. Hopefully it will balance out my inperfection's. Then give me softer skin to apply my makeup. 

Appletox smooth massage peeling cream

Cream with keratin control, massage & moisture pack. Moist hydration type soft cream. Excellent keratin removal effects. Instant brightening effect. Usage : After daily cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto the skin and gently massage in a circular motion. Once dirt particles appear, simply rinse off with lukewarm water. Recommended to use 1~2 times a week.

Ive not used a peeling cream before, if i was to choose one then this would be the one i would pick. Its packaging is very cute and can be re-used. Yet the products been given high praise. So im excited to try a peeling mask.

Luminous Aura Beam 

Tonymoly’s Luminous Goddess Aura Beam is a luminous gel type cream that adds supple, healthy glow to the skin, and minimizes the look of skin imperfections. Mixed with your favorite BB cream or used alone, this miracle product will help you achieve that infamous gorgeous Korean skin glow.

Ive had a sample of this Aura cream and it gives a lovely glow. I personally use this to allow my powder highlight adhere too. It makes my areas of highlight last vastly longer. So i would recommend this multi-tasking product. 

Black gel eyeliner (long brush)

Point eyeliner that makes your eyes distinct and gorgeous with vivid color. Before makeup, adjust the amount of eyeliner on the tissue and draw along eye-line. How to Use: Put on the colour on both side of brush. Spread the color quickly before it gets dry. Make sure the cap of eyeliner close tightly. 

I love gel eyeliner and ive heard this product is lovely. It applies easily and under control with the brush provided. The brush has a longer handle so this will be easier for those just starting to experiment with eyeliner.  

Delight tint neon crayon 

 A very bright and vibrant lip crayon. Its neon pink colour is enough to have anyone going OMG. I love bright colour so this was right up my alley.  Cannot wait to try this shade. 

Ive had a delight neon colour before in a previous box. Its a creamy lovely coloured chubby pencil. 

Really lovely box full of cutely packaged offerings from tony moly. I can't wait to use a lot of the products. The great thing about the packaging is when its finished you can depot another item into it. It truly is the most amazing packaging and i wish that it was more accessible in the UK. 

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