Monday, 17 November 2014

Nivea - Moisturisers and Lip butters

Nivea is a well loved and trusted brand. Known for there affordable yet high quality skincare. Its become the must have product during the winter for dry skin. Or if your like myself, then its a daily essential no matter the time of year. I have some amazing new additions to show you. 

The moisturising formula of NIVEA Lip Butter with Hydra IQ contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil and provides intense moisture and long-lasting care. The indulgent formula creates sensationally soft lips.

Flavours :
Raspberry Rose
Vanilla & Macadamia 
Lip Butter Original 
Blueberry blush

Beautifully presented tins of lip balm. Perfect for on the go and keeping within your handbag or pocket. They are a creamy balm on apperance. The little body heat in your finger, will melt this butter quick and lightly. Smooth and non grainy, perfect for lip preparation before lipstick application. Also helps keep lips supple and prevention of cracking. This is the holy grail of lip butter's.

When it comes to the scents, I found that they are so unique.
- Original : is a clear and fragrance free balm. Perfect unisex lip balm. 
- Blueberry blush : is just the most amazing  lipbalm that smells divine. I usually pick up the Vanilla and macadamia tin. However this will be a really hard choice now to pick from now on. 
- Vanilla & Macadamia : is like i said my favourite lip balm from Nivea. My handbag holy grail lip balm. I will be rotating my blueberry blush with vanilla & macadamia. Using vanilla & macadamia in the autumn and Blueberry blush for the spring and summer months. 
- Raspberry rose : is a lovely mix of fruity and slight floral. Taking from a beautiful spring fresh smells. 

Rich nourishing body moisturiser

We know that dry skin needs extra care, we developed this enriched formula containing Almond Oil. Too intensively moisturise and care for your skin. What does it do: Restores and replenishes lost moisture, enhances the skin's natural protective layer. The result : For best results apply daily, for a noticeable long-lasting improvement to your dry skin.

This has been a staple in my skincare routine. Its fantastic for the whole body and does enrich your skin. Eluminating dryness i found on my legs and face, especially after a shower. My legs can become rough, so after a final buffing away of the dead skin. I apply this moisturiser, where it absobs quickly. It gives a long lasting hydration and i havent experienced any side effects. So its become my go to trusted moisturiser.

Express Hydration body lotion 

We believe that it is good to care for your skin everyday, so we have developed  this sensationally light feeling formula containing Sea Minerals and blue lotus scent. Best results : apply daily, absorbs in seconds, moisturises for hours. - Provides fast absorbing long-lasting moisture,  Gives a fresh feeling and scent all day long, 24 hour moisturisation

Is a beautiful addition to Nivea's product range. I used this for when i needed a boost during the day. So areas like your elbows or knees etc, where the skin is constantly being in motion. This can offer  a instant boost to the skin and in my case, reduce the risk of my skin cracking.  Definatly fantastic for when your skin needs, a hydrating and quick absorbing cream. I would use this cream for my travel bag, as this will allow me to give boosts of hydration to my skin. Its quickly absorbed which allows me to apply some cream,so when in hospital i can see an area becoming dry due to the conditions. Again this is an addition from Nivea that will help me hugely. In maintaining soft skin within an enviroment i have no control over. 

Smooth nourishing hand cream
A fast absorbing hand and nail cream that keeps hands beautifully smooth and soft. How? The improved formula with Hydra IQ supports the skin's own moisture supply, whilst Macadamia Nut Oil helps strengthen the skin's protection barrier. Proven result: Noticeably smoother, softer hands for longer.
Hand cream is lovely and gave my hands softness. Plus my nails improved vastly, as have my cuticule's. My nails have been stronger and its been in my handbag. My nails and first to be affected by the cold. So to have this on the go, is an essential. 

Irresistibly smooth body lotion : Dry skin shea butter  

For beautifully soft and silky skin. Regular use ensures that your skin feels smoother and softer. Longer lasting smoothness with hydra-IQ , gives a deep moisture and a long lasting feeling.  This smells beautiful and i found that it was best used after the shower. As when the pores are open it absorbs so well into my skin. It really does give a lovely long lasting feeling that your skin stays soft and hydrated. With no lingering stickiness and a calming aroma that gives your skin an amazing layer of hydration. Really helped on days where my skin needed more help.

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