Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pure and Light organic : Essential floral toner


Now with winter about to well and truly set in. My skincare regime will be upped a few notches. Using a hydration mist during the day. I mainly try to use naturally made products, for there natural healing benefits. So orange blossom toner from Pure & light sounded beautiful.

They say :
We are highly selective of the quality of our ingredients. We search and only purchase the highest standard and purest certified organic ingredients which are clinically proven and safe. An average skin care product usually contains 1-3 active components. We put many complex and bio-active ingredient into one product. 

When we develop a product we combine a powerful mixture of many bio-active ingredients which results in our skin care products having a high ratio of active ingredients. We are passionate about the purity and quality of our organic skin care and we believe that it is one of life’s essential luxuries.

Pure & Light Organic Essential Floral Toner, is a harmonious and refreshing facial toner for all skin types. Ingredients: Organic Orange Blossom, Geranium and Rosemary.

So after reading about Pure & light with the natural properties of this toner, i was more then excited to try it. I love fruity scents, i find floral can be overpowering. The product packaging is a impressive   chrome tube with spray mechanism. (Unfortunately my camera would not take a picture, without a substantial flashback)
So as you can see above the actual product. 

It does indeed have a orange blossom scent and with it being the blossom, there is a small hint of floral. However not enough that i would say i was put off. The spray delivers a equal and fine mist onto the face. Its got a refreshing and light feeling, which i can see being a lovely calming product for summer too. Especially within the chrome packaging to chill it lightly for an even more refreshing touch. Plus it certainly removed dry skin upon cleansing and any time your skin feels a little muggy. I also found that it was perfect for nighttime, as it has a little oil that absorbs into the skin well. As for me some nights i find in winter using a serum then moisturiser can feel heavy. So on a night where i want a light regime, with this and a tiny amount of serum is perfect. 

So if your after naturally made products for your skincare regime, also want a light easy to apply mist. This is perfect and leaves your skin feeling refeshed and nourished. Its brilliant for waking up tired skin in the morning too and smells amazing. I am seeing how my skin is improving more, using a naturally made and sourced product. So im happy that i can gain results and your never to young to start protecting your skin. 

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