Monday, 3 November 2014

ImPress nails : New designs

imPress manicure's have been a well loved product for me, that are easy to apply plus last. I cant get to have nails applied so this is the next best thing. I found they work for me and ive never had a problem with them. So when i heard and saw new designs, it would have been just wrong not too. 

They say ; 

imPRESS is the revolutionary way to apply polish. Lasts up to a week. No drying time, no chipping – unlike a nail polish manicure. Superior, lasting shine; like a salon UV gel manicure. So easy to apply; just peel off, press on, and done.

How to use : Select the correct size nail for each finger and set aside in order. Cleanse natural nails with prep pad. Align tab with cuticle, peel off and press down firmly onto natural nail.

So i have a beautiful set of black and white lace (TGIF) patterned, along with a vibrant stunning red shade. So like i say the application i find is easy, plus not too fit tight into the nail bed. If you need to go to a smaller size it does look more natural and the nail will adhere better. Ive tried a test, the size of my nail bed and slightly smaller but fits within more naturally. I found the size that really pinches the cuticle (bigger) will not last more then 2 days most, as it doesnt stick to the middle properly but just the sides. So go one size down, where it slides along the nail and meets your cuticle perfectly.This i find allow's the whole adhesive to secure firmly,to your own nail.

I hope you can see above from my close up, how im explaining the nail fitting close to the cuticle.I find they look more natural to my hand when i look at the full set applied.Plus then also they will last (i find) the amount of time that is specified on the package. Ive never had them last less then 5 days, even then the one i would loose is my thumb. 1 replacement nail later from my spares, within the container then my manicure is complete again. So i hope my tips will help and ensure that these new designs dont go to waste. They are fun and snazzy and ive seen a techno-colour dream (Below picture, middle left container) that i have on my "to purchase list". 

Have you tried imPress nails ? What do you think of the new designs ?

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