Tuesday, 2 December 2014

PUSH cosmetics

I really enjoy using PUSH make-up's lipgloss quad. So to use their black eyeliner, which is a staple product in my makeup bag. Then try a new beautifully pigmented red lipstick, called Vixen. I cant wait to show you the quality of this lovely brand.

Gel eyeliner in Black caviar 
Smoky eye in seconds, our gel pencils glide onto the eye. Use in the waterline or lid. Easy to smudge and blend
Tip : always put your lid back on when finished to stop gel pencil drying out , however if this happen just pair it down for a fresh gel tip

This stunning black eyeliner with the pencil casing feeling slightly texturised. It gives the pencil extra grip on application. Extremely creamy pencil that looks and applies like a gel formula. When it dries it doesnt smudge, then can be removed with a makeup remover. Im so impressed with this eyeliner that i would buy other colours. As a eyeliner that stays on the waterline is hard to find, also to tightline quickly with no irritation. 
Impressive creamy, highly pigmented eyeliner. Its a fantastic eyeliner for your collection. 

Lipstick in Vixen (375) 
Silky rich pigmented lipstick. New beautiful deep red colour to add to your collection. In a stunning black packaging with the PUSH logo visable on the lid.  

So now we move onto the beautiful lipstick. Which is aptly named "Vixen", given that it is a radiant red that the eyeis immediately drawn too. It makes the lips plump looking, to be the main feature of any look you do. It is a highly pigmented and creamy lipstick. As its so rich in pigment, I advise using clear lip liner or your concealer to make a sharp crisp finish. (I would do this step with any red shade of lipstick). The lipstick formula is a well presented and feels lovely on the lips. Even when blotted it still radiates the rich red colour. 

I loved using both products from PUSH. As you can see from the look i achieved, the colours are vibrant on application. Give a beautiful finish and can really make some excellent looks. The lipstick as you can see is a beautiful colour. Then the eyeliner you can see is a dark decedent black, with no sign of being watery on the waterline. So you can be confident with these two PUSH editions. 

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