Monday, 22 June 2015

Kiss Acrylic Nail's

So its no secret that i love Kiss nails. I bit my nails since i can rembember and now i finally have growth, as let's be honest its not a pretty look. Now as i have no strength in my nails as of yet, the acrylic nails by kiss are perfect to protect and preserve my progress. As trust me an acrylic nail is not a nice thing to chomp on as your daydreaming. Also disclaimer #donttrythat folks, just my experience in life. 

They say : 
 Acrylic-infused nails deliver a flawless French manicure that costs less than a salon.

Acrylic-infused technology delivers a flawless French manicure that’s 2X stronger than other brands. The easy-to-apply nails go on with a seamless cuticle line so they look natural, and have a perfect French smile line that’s consistent on every nail. 

Nail Type:
- French Line Thickness:Extra Thick
- Smile Lines: Curve
- Bed Colour: Hot Pink

What you'll get:
28 French Nails in 14 Sizes
- Pink Gel Glue (2g)
- Mini File
- Manicure Stick

We start as with all nails by preparing fully, so remove any nail varnish and if you can buff your cuticles. This job makes me a little jumpy as in nails salons ive had my cuticles ripped to shreads so now i do my own nails. Honestly they last me because i do follow and add my own steps to my nails to make them last.

Ive had so many people ask me how do i make home kit nails last and its simple, judge your nails condition. If you have super short nails the you may need the glue version rather then adhesive backs. Again if you have some length get the appropriate size and adhesive needed. The beauty of Kiss kits is that its all supplied. 

Once your nails are prepped and bone dry, size each nail before you attemt to glue them. I set mine on the table working from pinky finger to thumb laid out. 

Tips : Always work from pinky to thumb and apply thumbs when all others are glued firmly. Also glue your non-dominant hand first especially if your not used to doing activities with Acrylic nails. 

Application : 
Take the nails and place them acrylic side down. (Its easier to pick them up and work quicker with the glue).  Open the glue and work on one nail at a time, firstly apply glue to the nail bed. Then apply glue to the bottom third of your acrylic nail. 

Now get your acrylic and place the tip on your cuticle, from there place it down so all air gets removed and the surface areas fully adhere together.  Now you just apply all the nails and don't be too heavy handed on the glue. You should now have beautiful nails. 

I love my Kiss nails and i admit my thumbs can come off but these nails are much shorter then the others. So the less nail space the likely hood is one will ping off but the glue and spare nails make an easy fix up. I would say dont go for the longest if your nails are super short, as with all things you start small then build up. Then you will have a wonderful set of nails and foundation to work on. 

If you would like a picture board on application or more tips then il post one on my instagram. 

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  1. Ooo I love it! They turned out really well


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