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A spa within your home, what more could one wish for ? These are perfect products for people like myself, whom cannot visit a spa for whatever reason. We associate the spa with being decadent, luxurious, relaxing and atmospheric. Award wining TempleSpa offer a wide range of product's and i wonder what they will deliver. 

About us : 

Our team includes world renowned doctors, herbalists, professors of biochemistry and dermatology from Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Our skin care was first created in laboratories near Lake Geneva.

The business creators and owners are Mark & Liz Warom.

“It is not very often that a brand comes across my doorstep that demands immediate attention… Temple Spa is one of  those few. How lovely the products are will keep you coming back for  more.”  John Gustafson (UK’s leading skin and makeup expert) 

Red Carpet Collection

Is a beautiful collection of products, All meant for giving skin a boost for any occasion. They can be used before your makeup routine or as often as you wish. 

The Big Reveal : Don’t you just hate it when you have somewhere to be and you don’t have time to look your best; well now you do! This state-of-the-art, re-surfacing treatment gel, offers a liquid facial in a flash. It miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave the skin unbelievably smooth, clear and gloriously radiant. The clever formula includes natural exfoliating ingredients plus a cocktail of botanicals. So take it away and let the glow begin.

Benefit's: Instant resurfacing facial

Brightens & smoothens

My thought's : This clear massagable gel is gentle on the skin. It has a slightly more thick consistency when applying. When rubbing a layer onto the skin it feels cool, then whilst waiting for it to dry it has a slight tightening effect. When the gel had turned to a film and i used my hand to rub off this layer. (I did this over a sink as it becomes quite messy) then i used my facial cloth to wash off the remainder and cleanse it fully. 

 This treatment is for days when you are having a bad skin day's when you want to look fantastic. It really is brilliant for anyone whom cant get to a spa and wants that amazing clean skin rejuvinated feeling. Removing that layer of impurities easily and effectively. I loved having the oppertunity to have a home spa day during the week, it gave me something to look forward too. Improving the look of my skin and gave me a lovely feeling of confidence which is what i miss about visiting a spa. 

The Contourist
The Contourist : Hello firm, tight, radiant skin. This ingenious red carpet treatment is much more than just a mask – it’s a transforming experience you’ll want to repeat again and again. The magic is in the state-of-the-art diamond-weave technology that hugs the face tight whilst infusing the skin with an advanced, miracle working, skin perfecting serum. It literally lifts, helps reverse sagging, helps define contours and remodel the whole face from chin to forehead, giving you an instant facelift, without any ouch! The result ? Instant wow! That chiselled look of youth isn’t so far away after all.

My thought's : This ingenious mask not only hydrates your face but also holds your chin up to improve tightness in that area. I would definatly want to try these masks over a set period of time, to see if it improves the sad slow appearance of my double chin. Im very aware of this and contour it like crazy, so it would be good to see progress. From using 1 mask, it is refreshing and perfect for just relaxation time. Good music and a quiet room using this mask was just bliss, it felt cooling and refreshing. The serum soaked within the mask allows it to adhere, then the holes which go round your ear's help to keep it taught on the face. After the serum had soaked in, I rubbed in any excess obtain maximum effects of this mask. Fantastic unique design is a perfect method to deliver serum for anyone worried about that second chin. Really unique product i would defiantly want to try regularly. 

Its all a blur
It's all a Blur : Let’s face it – we love the soft-focus filter on the camera don’t we? Well here’s the effect in real life. It's all a Blur has an amazing matt finish formula that instantly and cleverly minimises crow’s feet, fine lines, visible pores and uneven skin tone. Anti-ageing red clover and pomegranate work with ingenious wrinkle-filling ingredients to give this formula its special powers. Perfect for those times you need to prime skin before a big event, or use any time to look simply gorgeous. 

My thought's : I used this on days when i was having friends over and i wanted to look my absolute best. It gave me a lovely base to apply my makeup on by covering pores and worked as a refreshing primer. My makeup applied with no problems due to using this product as a pore filler and primer. I dont have many crow's feet thankfully, I do believe in taking preventaive measures with anti-ageing skincare. When i felt my skin was looking slightly tired i would apply a small amount just to help keep my skin feeling soft. The texture is a gel/serum like consistancy applies on to the skin easily and absorbs quickly also. It leaves your skin feeling so soft to the touch, which makes this a truly lovely product.  
Templespa products are at the highest quality. On arrival the products are wrapped in tissue paper and have Templespa rock sweets enclosed. This was a lovely touch and gave a lasting impression of excellence. I unwrapped the tissue paper around 3 of the Red Carpet collection products, which are presented in a silver box with embossed writing. The packaging is too such a high standard it can be proudly shown off. I displayed them on my Vanity unit where your eyes are instantly draw to them. 

The red carpet collection is fantastic to rejuvinate and give your skin a instant lift. It boosted my confidence in my skin and also allowed me to take time out to relax. Giving me the ability to simulate the spa experience in my own home, it is something i really needed to do to boost my moral. I therefore gave my body and mind therapy with TempleSpa. I will be looking at more of the TempleSpa range to try as i loved using these products. 

So first class experience from TempleSpa. 

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