Thursday, 23 July 2015

KISS - Brow Kit

KISS are well known for there lashes and nail's, now they are branching into more products starting with a brows kit. I have used a few brow kits from high end to the affordable ranges. This kit looks like it's fully packed and catering for all.

They say : 
Shape, define, fill and set eyebrows to perfection. Featuring two brow powders to customize your color, stencils to assist with shaping, highlighter, and wax to tame brow hairs and keep them in place.  
Contents of the kit 
- 2 Brow Colors
- Highlighter & Wax
- Razor, Spooly, Angled brow brush 
- 4 Brow Shape Stencils
The kit is very well thought out. It contains a Spooly, arched brow brush with a sponge applicator. It even has a small razor and comb to tidy up any stray hair's. There are 3 shades available, 1 being a highlight and 2 being brow colours. The clear wax helps to ensure the colour stays in place. 

Perfect for travelling as it contains everything needed for perfect brows. If your new to perfecting your brows, the kit also provides stencils to use as a guide. The powders are pigmented and apply easily to the brow.  Also they are easily removable with warm water or makeup remover. 
The shades contained within the palette are, highlight is a lovely pearl shade to put on the brow bone. Then you have a brown shade with a subtle red undertone. Also along with that there is a dark shadow which is a black tone. Now i have brunette hair which is very dark so i mixed the shades together, to obtain my shade.

 I shaped my eyebrow's using the mini razor and spooky provided within the kit. Then using the shades available, using a mix of both the brown and black to define my eyebrow's. Taking the spooly to do the final comb through and blending before placing the fixing wax.  

Overall this brow kit is a really well thought out and it will last you a long time. The sponge applicator i dont feel is necessary for this kit and the angled brush could have been abit thiner. I did miss having a pair of tweezers to hand for small stubborn hairs. Its a minor flaw in the scale of things and would be good for anyone not used to using a razor. 

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