Sunday, 15 November 2015

SODA and Co

Soda & Co natural product's are an amazing new company ive found. They are natural and beautifully presented products from Australia. Also kind enough to send me item's to try for my opinion, plus also introduce the company to my UK reader's.

About us :  
SODA & Co is a fun, fresh and vibrant natural skin care range. Made in Melbourne, Australia, SODA & Co uses only the finest natural ingredients, is proudly nut oil free and never test on animals. SODA & Co believes that being natural doesn't have to mean bland or boring. At SODA & Co colour is everything. Our products are a reflection of all things good for you whilst being fun and upbeat.

Our products contain no
Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Synthetic fragrances
Ammonium Laureth Sulphate
Tree Nut or Peanut Oils
~ Mineral oils or Phenoxyethanol
From placing the order to arrival was a quick a easy process. I kindly was sent a Lip Balm and some Sugar scrub scent's.

-  Lip balm -
SODA & Co Lip Balm with Jojoba will soften and revive lips with sweet and uplifting natural scents. 

~ Pink lemonade ~ 
Presented in a silver tin with beautifully clear labelling. Perfect for any handbag, especially with winter approaching. A balm which you apply with your finger's heat. 

The scent of the balm is delightful, i could firstly smell a rich vanilla cake which would then something fruity entwined. Its hard not to get the urge to eat then balm.

Performance wise this balm :
- doesn't leave a heavy feeling
- Smell is divine 
- Lips feel hydrated for days
- Doesnt need to be constantly applied
- Well packaged 
- No greasey feeling like some balms, which make you want to wipe excess away. 

~ Sugar scrub
Treat your skin to the uplifting goodness of this tantalizing 2 in 1 sugar scrub. Enriched with Jojoba and Vitamin E this scrub will naturally help restore and refresh your skin.

Orange Crush ~ 
Not only will it leave your skin smelling sweet - the zesty orange scent will be sure to brighten your day. Is the Quote used to describe Orange Crush and i could not agree more. The smell of orange hits you immediately and i find as a scrub smelling so good makes me want to really relax within the shower

~ Pink lemonade ~ 
The fun, fresh & enticing scent of pink lemonade is only one of the benefits of this sugary little gem. The scrubs clean the skin without being too harsh, making it gentle enough for everyday use.

I really love these sugar scrubs, especially the Orange scent. It makes your skin feel cleaner then ever, as the sugar allows you to put as much or as little on.  Depending on your preference. 
I like the feeling of a scrub with my as it does give me better absorbtion, for my serums and moisturisers.NB : I would advise if you have any additional scrubs, not expose them to steam within the bathroom. As it can melt the sugar within the scrub. If this happens i just placed in a cool area or fridge to cool it back down. 


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