Thursday, 24 December 2015

New year and a new start

So i will firstly start by apologising for my absence of reviews and written blogs. Unfortunately i was called to have surgery, one i had been awaiting 4 year's for.....the day finally came. 

However there were complications and i was on a ventilator in ITCU. Thankfully i was taken off within 24 hours but very sedated and on a special humidified Oxygen given via my nose for a further 5 days. 

I have asthma (other health issues i wish to remain private) and surgery is always a risk even to the most healthly of people.
I came home with a community team whom i trust and long story short, i will need 3-4 months recovery. I will need further surgery and i maybe gone again in March and then July. (Too far ahead to worry about).

Here was the current high fashion within ITU and the humidified oxygen i fondly came to name "worm". (The wet paper towels kept me cool as the warm oxygen, well made me warm lol)  

So now 2016 will have many items from the USA, as i was blessed to have such kind friend's. There get well gift's when i came home were quite overwhelming, as were the gifts off my friends in the UK. 

So as a quick look at what we have to look forward too, i think more pictures are called for. 
- A lovely present off my best friend. 

New drugstore product's for 2016

Disney selection : we had Mulan, Pocohontas, Evil Queen, Belle and now Cinderella beauty book's.

And there is much more to show and my first review is going to feature the makeup line of Joan Collin's. 

She has called it Timeless beauty and she is an icon. 

Reviewing the foundation plus other beautiful product's from the line. 

So i wish you all a beautiful and blessed Christmas and New year. I look forward to seeing you in 2016. 

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