Friday, 11 March 2016

Shoreditch Vape system

Vaping has become so normal to see when in public now, as a replacement to cigarettes. I wanted to do this review alongside my husband (he will be using the Vape), to answer the questions for people considering vaping. 

About the Vape system
We have 2 great e-cigarette kits, known as vape pens. The Shoreditch One and Shoreditch Two are designed to be simple to use and produce a great vaping experience with none of the hassle and complications associated with many other vape pens on the market.
These contain a heating element and cotton. The cotton absorbs the e-liquid, when the power button on your vape pen is pressed the heating element vaporises the e-liquid.

Is the kit easily assembled?
The Vape kit comes well packed and easy to assemble,the instructions are so simple to follow.

Is the Oil easy to insert ? The oil is an easy system to use, just a small squeeze on the bottle fill's it to the chamber level. Then seal back up and leave for 2 minute's if using a new coil, for it to soak in or if coil is infused then continue to Vape. 

Do you think this is a good alternative? This has been an excellent alternative to smoking, if you have the habit of needing a cigarette. Vaping gives the nicotine your body is craving, yet eliminate's all the chemical's attached to a cigarette. The oil's for tabacco have different strengths, so you can start on a high level then wean down if your ultimate goal is to stop for good. 

How long does one fill of oil last ? One fill of oil within the system can last up to 2 weeks, depending on how heavy a smoker you are and requirement's. The actual bottle of oil i can see by my husbands requirement (Used to be 20 per day roll up) will last a good 2 month's as a rough guess. He has 3 flavours/Strength's to switch it up a bit and so far he is loving the Vape. It's also a great saver in many way's, as no need to waste paper or time on roll up's. 

Do you like this vape system ? My husband has tried 3 of the Vape's currently on the market, this is by far the one that's gotten the most praise. He is impressed by its durability, sensation on vaping and overall experience. 

Do you have the urge to smoke ? He has not wanted to have a actual cigarette when offered by any family member's. He says the vape offers a cleaner tasting smoke, plus the nicotine is more apparent then in needing a whole cigarette to achieve the same feeling. 

What do you think of the vape's way to wean down the nicotine? It's a more logical and effective way to wean off nicotine and smoking as a whole. I think the oil level going down will give far better result's then just going cold turkey on one system that offers only one strength. 

Can you smell anything when used ? Ive been around my husband when he has vaped, then done this smell test to see if i can get any scent. On the initial exhale you will get the faintest hint of the flavour, then it totally dissipates into thin air. So no residual scent is left whilst and after vaping. 

Ultimately smoking or Vaping ? Now the plus points for Vaping are endless, from financially to health benefits. Also if you still have the habit to hold something within your hand's, yet you've weaned off nicotine then there are so many oil flavour's to try. Vaping can remain enjoyable even past giving up smoking. 

Any tip's ? Use a tissue or some barrier when opening the oil's and adding to the chamber. As if any gets on your finger's it will linger for at least a day, no matter how much you wash them. 

- E-liquid
20 carefully crafted and delicious e liquid flavours which are split into 3 broad categories, Tobacco, Sweets & Fruit. Available in 3 strength's. Our aim is keep your taste buds guessing so our team are working around the clock to develop new e liquid flavours that we will be adding to our range on a regular basis.

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