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W7 - New makeup

W7 is a well known affordable UK brand. Ive used many of its products over the years, plus been very impressed with the quality. Ive bought and was kindly sent some to trial (Lashtastic mascara, a hint of tahiti, Viva la berry lipstick and eye dream liquid shadow) by W7 for review. I created a look using these product's. 

About : 
Colour cosmetics for all - who will you be today. W7 is an incredible budget make up brand with a huge variety of products.

Lashtastic Mascara
Lashtastic creates a look of false lashes with a short plastic brush applicator.
- Im a very fussy mascara consumer. I have quite a hard time finding one i really love. I was honestly not expecting much from this product. I do think the packaging could be improved upon and thats a personal opinion. The mascara itself is applied by a rounded plastic wand, with small but well spaced "application hair's". It looks very liquidy yet on closer inspection it is a very pigmented liquid/gel hybrid. Upon application the mascara made my lashes look long and the pigment was so black that i was stunned by the fact this was only coat 1. The second coat made them look darker and I would just need to curl them if i wished. This is an impressive mascara for when you need something affordable. 

Eye dreams
Create a stunning long wearing, crease proof eye look. Precise eye framing with the precision applicator tip, creating a soft and natural look.

This eye base is a swipe of liquid gold. I did think how best would this be used. I then decided to save this for a gold and green look, I have planned with some amazing lashes. Based on consistancy and time taken to dry, I will use a light base of this shadow then do a darkened green/gold cut crease. Then using a forest green on the outer V for intense definition. I will keep you posted on this look.

- Viva la berry
Viva Glam Lipsticks are perfect Autumnal colours, weather you want a dark berry or a more pink berry shade, there is going to be a perfect shade for you. The lipstick glides on for easy application and has a moisturising effect on the lips with excellent staying power.
Very creamy and is pigmented, I placed the lipstick in the centre's to define the outline's. Then i simply rolled my lips and the colour filled the small space I hadnt applied product too. It gave a natural and even colour to my lip's.

In the glow & A hint of Tahiti 
In the glow 
Illuminating liquid formula that highlights facial features.

A hint of Tahiti 
Violet gel based lip and cheek stain. Also available in Bali, Cuba and Rio
In the glow 
Is a really subtle highlight that is just on the champagne side. When lightly tapped out, gives a lovely addition to the cheek. This needs just a small amount to give that hint to the cheek and it is buildable. Also i would give advise to tap these liquid's in with your ring finger, rather then a sponge to get the most from them. Lovely liquid illumination. 

A hint of Tahiti 
You look at this shade and automatically think wow thats going to be intense. Whilst it can be if you added 2 layers, with just 1 layer it gives a beautiful rosy glow. If you want a more noticable blush then just build the layer and for lasting power a small dab of translucent powder dabbed on top seals them to get a little more wear time. Again apply with the ring finger and dab whilst moving the blush to the area you like. 

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow &  making waves eyeshadow palette
- W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow
Bronzer & Highlighter In One Handy Box. Use The Bronzer To Creat A Tanned Complexion. Use Highlighter To Creat A Defined & Sculptured Look. Create Super Touch Cheekbones. For Sun Kissed Look & Finishing touch.

- Wowzer's now whilst this is a subtle highlight and amazing bronzer. I am aware this highlight may only enhance,  pale up to the lower spectrum of medium skintone's. Its really the cheaper sister to the other well known higher end product, as you can expect this is not as buttery but as far as pigment etc ..... Save your money and pay for this until you want to splurge. This is the alternative you can use and be proud of. 

- W7 making waves eyeshadow palette
A luscious pigmented eyeshadow palette that is sure to make your eyes look fabulous! The palette comes complete with 5 complementary colours. 

- Again another dupe for the high end version and i must say after seeing the alternative version and its not so hot review's. I was hoping that W7 would give this a run for its oh so expensive price tag, sure enough it did. W7's version is light and buttery feeling shadows, give a beautiful light natural look. The swatches shown are of each colour panel, it gives buttery colour payoff and also using a smaller brush helps. Im highly impressed by this palette. 

- Lookbook - Using all the W7 product's mentioned
We all love having a splurge and treated but doesnt it make it more fantastic feeling every now and again ? 
However for those daily makeup needs and with everyone nowadays looking for quality, but affordable alternative's for makeup. W7 always comes to mind for affordable makeup and on looking recently at current product's they have available, I just had to purchase the certain items above. My lookbook show's the eyeshadow has given a lovely light look suitable for daily use. Even using the darkest shade to do my eyebrow's. The liquid blush and highlight give a beautiful naturally flushed look. They can be set with a translucent powder or using the hollywood highlight & bronzer palette. I used the bronzer to give a light contour and it blended seamlessly with everything. The lipstick finished the look and gave my lips the hydrating finish which eliminated the need for gloss. So overall W7 do have some amazing product's that stand out because they give flawless daily look's, with the most ease. 

Il keep buying W7 when im needing product's on a budget and proudly use them. 

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