Saturday, 23 April 2016

Surprise box club - April edition

This is my first month of using this subscription box. I'm really excited as I hate to be bored. Ive just got my passion back for writing and now im hoping this will show me new ways of crafting. 

About : Welcome to Surprise Box Club – an exciting subscription box club for crafters and wannabe crafters. Join and every month you receive a fantastic box of crafting goodies delivered straight to your door. In every box there is an exclusive jewellery kit and craft kit for you to make up and impress your friends.There are written instructions or links to video clips so that we can do the crafts together.
And there’s more you will build up a collection of jewellery pliers, in month 3 you will receive your charm bracelet kit and one charm (after this you will find a new charm in every box) and I have lots of other exciting surprises throughout the year just to make sure that this really is ‘Happy Mail’.

- Tassel necklace kit 
Have fun making this tassel and choose your necklace length to suit your style.
Video tutorial: 
Contents included are for a tassel necklace and also some paper pompom's. If this is your first box then you will also recieve 3 pliar's which builds up each month to become a full set. Then in box 3 youll start to be able to make your own charm bracelet, with charms added in every box following. 
So in making the tassel Necklace I followed the written instructions,to see if I could do this and how easy its explained. It was very well explained and I managed to make my necklace without having to refer to the video. I found this was a really therapeutic crafting exercise. I did find some parts fiddly, as I have less strength in one hand too hold the pliar's.
My finished necklace 
However I managed it and was really a great feeling when i had made it. I was so happy with the finished necklace and I have enough chain to make a matching tassel bracelet. I just need to get another clasp set for this which is a small price to pay. 

- Pompom decorations 
Bright & impressive pompoms. Great as a party decoration or simply to add a splash of colour and fun to a room.
Video tutorial:

My finished pompom
This was a easy craft to do, I made mine  a pink/white tissue paper mix. I felt the colours would pop more, also would go great with just purely pink or white if being made for a party. The main tip given which is important and noted on the sheet, is to go slow when separating the layers of tissue. Some did slightly tear and it was fine as they do add dimension if not perfectly tipped. Some looked thinner which made it more believable as a pompom. I would say that if your wanting to hang these then after your knot around the paper, then add your hanging string. As it would be such a pain when all fanned out to try and thread a string plus the tissue will rip to shreads. 

My thought's on this month's box 
I really enjoyed this box. The crafting was amazing for me, I found an amazing joy and reward in making something myself. Ive always loved making item's but never tried jewellery, as I didnt think i had the skill's. I guess Triinu is right in that she can teach anyone interested in this field of crafting. I took a few bits of felt to make something beautiful and felt accomplished in doing so. The pompom's are fun and I can see myself helping teach others to make these for event's. Just what a pleasure this box is, im loving it and cant thank Triinu enough for allowing me to review for "Surprise box club". 

More about the boxes creator : 
My name is Triinu and I’m passionate about sharing my crafting skills.I originally trained as a silversmith and jeweller and over the years have branched out into many other crafts. 
I set up Surprise Box Club because I love teaching and helping other people craft fabulous creations. Crafting is a fantastic way to de-stress, relax and to generally feel good about yourself and your achievements. It can also be a great way to bond with your new friends. Sending you happy thoughts, happy crafting and happy mail.
Triinu xxx

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