Friday, 22 April 2016

Prudence and Crow : April edition (Classic fiction choice)

I really love book's and I am so happy that I found this subscription box. I love the classic literature and want to expand my collection. Im so excited for this subscription each month. 

About : We are Prudence and the Crow, otherwise known as Abigail Shaw and Peggy Seymour, both from London. We love books. We have been working together online for sixteen years and believe wholeheartedly in the power of the internet to enable the greatest geekery and most joyful post. You may well have encountered us in the past in the guise of Mymble's Minion and The Mymble's Daughter.

We wanted a subscription service that would send us an amazing vintage paperback book every month along with added fun and surprises. There wasn't one so we made one. Our aim is to share our love of the content and aesthetic of previously loved paperback books with likeminded people from all over the world. Starting on the 13th of every month we send out exciting book boxes to our wonderful subscribers containing a vintage paperback book, a handmade book bag, a library card to catalogue their growing collection and added surprises. 

April's Edition 2016
Content's : 
- Vintage book 
- Book bag
- Provisions envelope (Includes 2 Pukka tea's and 2 Moam sweet's)
- Vintage treat's (Includes Art postcard with reading list, 3 stamps, Penny and library card number) 

This amazingly decorated envelope arrived with my first subscription and contained another envelope inside.
This next envelope is decorated and has handwritten the content's were specifically picked for you. (Pictured as above). 

Vintage book & Book bag
This book is so amazingly presented and I have not got this edition either, so its fantastic to have a good book to read. Its been picked via the option's I chose when I subscribed. So you can pick what interest's you the most. I love that the book bag will protect my book, so I can take it in my bag with no fear of it becoming damaged. 
Vintage treat's : Art postcard & Penny 
This postcard is gothic art which I love and the book list on the back makes it great. I love finding new books to read and this list helps me find one's I may love. The penny included is in a collecting packaging to protect the coin. It has a saying on how pennies are used, I believe that sending a new purse as a gift you should include a coin. Its a little tradition of luck i have. So this is just amazing and truly a well picked item for me.
Vintage treat's : 3 stamps
The bag that all the items are in is a orange striped paper bag, with a star sticker to keep all the items within the bag. I love collecting items that i can use in my scrapbook or planner. The space and flower stamp's are beautiful and unique, I will be adding these to my scrapbook as collecting items. The space card is very unique and I do love sci-fi items and watch it on tv. So its great that I have a mix of classic fiction and sci-fi in my subscription. 
Vintage treat's : Art postcard with reading list & library card number
The library card shows the edition number of the month and can be used as a bookmark. Also loving the list books that is on the back of my postcard. 
Provisions envelope (Includes 2 Pukka tea's and 2 Moam sweet's)
This was the biggest surprise as its so clever and true, I love to have a calming cup of tea whilst reading. Plus having a sweet is a treat, as I do love to read during the day and the evening. This is a lovely treat that I wasn't expecting. 

So overall, I love my new subscription to Prudence and crow. It gives me a new book every month and extra's which are hand picked. It feel's so personal to me and my passion's. Im loving that im finding new a exciting, unique subscription boxes. 

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