Thursday, 26 May 2016

Dolce Vita - My little box : May edition

So its that part of the month where "My little box" arrives. I get very excited and always wonder what french influenced goodies will be inside. Its called Diva Vita this month, so an italian summer theme. 
About : My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient.
- Beauty bag 
{Body oil, Perfume, Sun lotion}
- Green coloured Turban
- Leaf ring 
- Magazine 
- A4 decorative card 
- My little box Magazine 
As always the feature magazine from my little box. This has a pasta scene, for this italian themed box. 

- A4 decorative card 
Again numerous item's illustrated with the italian name inscribed next to it. All these item's are classic thing's you will experience in italy. 
- Gold plated "Leaf ring" 
This beautiful ring is really to my taste, I love all kind's of jewellery. I really love ring's and even though this is gold plated, it's petite and unique.I think this is my favourite item in the box this month. 
- Beauty bag {Body oil, Perfume, Sun lotion}
The beauty bag this month has a very summery feeling. Featuring a beautifully scented Jasmin body oil by Baija, its presented in a chic glass bottle stunning for any vanity unit. 
The next item is a perfume automiser with a lovely fresh scent of summery blossom's. Almost like when the flowers are just releasing there scent, the woodland is the undertone bringing it all together. Its ideal for your handbag but it is glass, so i would recommend a hard-case for travel. 
The last item from "My little beauty" is a cream sun lotion. Its a really generous size with a lovely consistancy that is light and absorbs easily. 
- Green coloured Turban
I love the colour of this turban headband and the detail's on the back of the box for more use's. It's great that I can utilise the hairband over the summer. It's well made and look's like it will last a good while. It's truly beautiful. 

Overall view
I love to try new item's and brand's, yet this month again felt like something was missing from this box. 
The beauty bag really I felt could have just had the perfume or oil and then added another more summery product. As these two item's are perfumed so why not have a little colour in there, instead of always skincare item's. I have so much skincare and its why I mainly leave a box due to lack of beauty sample imagination. Its summer and yes skincare is important, I cant help feel the oil should be in a box whilst summer is in full flow when we are all a little more sunkissed. 
The "my little beauty" own brand of products, It's again a cream. I get the sun theme but Ive seen other product's, id love to experience rather then endless cream off "My little beauty". The beauty bags are just so underwhelming as there are no new brand's, plus it would be nice to see more unique and also french brands plus some makeup. Im not sure if its me expecting too much but I seem to have hit a empass with "My little beauty", stay just for the unique lifestyle or unsubscribe as im wasting money on endless beauty item's I really wont use ?  It's so hard as Ive seen my little box at its best. Again this month was not very wow for me and I maybe on my final stretch with subscribing. 

What did you think ? 
Any other boxes I should keep my eye out for ? 

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