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Urban decay - Alice "Through the looking glass" palette

Now Urban decay are known for there impressive collaboration's through the year's, taking beloved tales and transforming them into what our makeup collections crave. A hint of magical wonder, now what better place to start then Wonderland ? 

About : Our story opens nearly 20 years ago, when pink, red and beige enslaved the prestige beauty market. Urban Decay released in 1996 with 10 lipsticks and 12 nail enamels, with groundbreaking names like Roach, Smog, Rust, Oil Slick and Acid Rain. 
When Disney asked us to jump down the rabbit hole again,of course we said yes. Inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass,this limited-edition, pop-up palette is a tribute to our favorite characters from the film. A perfect mix of 20 ALL-NEW shades. From softer shades inspired by Alice to bold, bright shades like the Mad Hatter. Each Eyeshadow features our Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability. 

- Through the looking glass Palette 
This colourful, kaleidoscopic artwork woven out of flowers, butterflies and several quotes from the film. When inside, a three-dimensional butterfly springs up. Even included is a double-ended brush for the perfect application. 
Pull open the drawer to reveal the shadows,which are arranged by character. 

Alice,Mad Hatter,Mirana,Iracebeth,Time*
     \           \           /        /        /*

What you get:
Looking Glass (pale pink demi-matte)
Reflection (soft peach matte)
Dormouse (warm brown matte/gold MS) 
Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue).
-Mad Hatter: 
Hatter (vibrant green)
Gone Mad (aubergine/pink pearl)
Paradox (vibrant orange w/gold pearl) Cake (saturated blue-pink w/silver MS).
Lily (opal pink pearl)
Duchess (peach/pink shift MS)
Kingdom (copper-bronze pearl) Chessboard (medium brown matte)
Heads Will Roll (vibrant turquoise)
Bandersnatch (deep teal matte)
Salazen Grum (metallic crimson)
Royal Flush (pale beige shimmer). 
Time (black-navy satin)
Dream On (metallic purple-silver)
Chronosphere (metallic deep bronze)
Mirror (gray-taupe satin)
- Look book
A girly day in somehow managed to turn into an amazing day of makeup look's, with my sister-in-law Kristi. She did this amazing cut crease. 
My look using : 
A transition shade of chessboard blended within the crease along with Paradox. My inner corner highlight Lily blend's into Cake and defined the outer V using Salazen Grum, which I had also define the bottom of the crease. My under brow highlight is lily. My bottom lash is Cake bended into my smudged purple kohl.

- Kristi's make-up look
Kristi's look contain's :
On the lid we have Lily going into duchess going into paradox. The cut crease features Heads will roll, banded snatch and time. I used cake and Salazan grum blended on the lower lash line with Royal flush underneath the brow.

- Overall opinion
I love Urban decay and I'd say im a true collector. This reminds me of the old release palettes, the magical feeling you would get when using it. (Yes - I do use my LE item's, I just take care of them)
This was a must as while I must admit some review's had me a little nit picked, on quality of some colour's. Ultimately I knew I'd regret not getting this as a collection piece. I do believe that some shade's do take a little more work, however if your willing to just add a step then its totally worth the spend. I will say with those shade's that needed packing on, use a tacky base and white base for maximum opacity. Not a huge thing ... Plus there are more fantastic shade's in here that are unique and give amazing payoff on use. Paradox has to be a firm favourite, alomg with Salazen Grum and Lily. 

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